Dorkie Grooming

The Dorkie, as a hybrid of a Dachshund and a Yorkshire Terrier, can have quite a wide variety of coat lengths and textures--and therefore various grooming needs are possible. Dorkies with longer hair like that of the Yorkie (or the longhaired Dachshund) will need frequent brushing and haircuts to avoid tangles and mats; shorter-haired Dorkies don't require as much overall coat care, but will still need regular brushing to keep the coats in good shape.

For further details on possible hairstyles, see the Styling & Haircuts section below.

Dorkie Coat Care

Overall Dorkie grooming needs will depend on the length of the dog's coat. Most Dorkie hybrids have longer coats, and will need quite a bit of care; short-hairs will of course need less. Some info on maintaining each coat type:

  • Long-Haired: These will need brushing often (3-4 times per week, if not daily) with a pin brush. Go through the coat section by section with the brush, moving in the direction of hair growth; work out any tangles with either your fingers or the end teeth of a comb. Baths will be necessary monthly. Make sure to use shampoo and conditioner made for dogs; after the bath you can blow-dry the coat with a hair dryer on its lowest heat setting, brushing the hair out as you dry.
  • Short-Haired: Brush these dogs weekly with a bristle brush or grooming glove. Baths are only needed every 2-3 months, and towel-drying the coat afterward is fine.

Though owners can learn how to perform all aspects of Dorkie grooming themselves, many people--especially owners of long-haired Dorkies--rely on professional groomers for major tasks like bathing and haircuts. In any case, it's good to take the dog to a pro at least once. The groomer can give the dog a nice makeover, and provide tips on how to groom a Dorkie at home.

Dorkie Styling & Haircuts

Since this hybrid can have a variety of coat lengths, a majority of proper Dorkie haircuts are only possible with dogs with longer-haired coats. While each Dorkie may be different, those with short hair simply don't have coats long enough to be cut into an actual style. That said, it might be a good idea to take your Dorkie, regardless of its coat length, to a professional groomer at least once to see what cutting and styling possibilities exist. The groomer can advise you on haircuts and provide other grooming tips in general.

For owners with Dorkies whose coats resemble the Yorkshire Terrier or the longhaired Dachshund, numerous hairstyles are possible. A few popular ones:

  • Puppy Cut: This style makes your Dorkie's coat pretty "low-maintenance," as the shorter hair won't mat or tangle as much. A Puppy Cut sees the entire coat clipped to 1-2 inches; some owners prefer to leave the facial hair (if the dog has any) a bit longer. Can be done at home with a little practice.
  • Schnauzer Cut: As its name suggests, this cut makes a Dorkie resemble a little Schnauzer. The body hair is clipped short, but the leg hair is left longer and is styled into a "reverse taper"; the facial furnishings are left longer, with a pronounced beard like that of a Schnauzer. Probably best done by a professional groomer.
  • Teddy Bear Cut: Some say this cut is exactly the same as a Puppy Cut, but technically it's not. Like the Puppy Cut, the Teddy Bear Cut sees the coat clipped pretty short, but in this style the legs (and facial hair, if any) are left a bit longer, and carefully rounded and sculpted to make the dog resemble a stuffed animal. Can be done at home, but will definitely take some practice!
  • 3-Layer: Also called the 3-Stack, this artistic style is only possible with Dorkies with very long hair like their Yorkie parents' coats. This style sees the facial and ear hair cut to a line just below the shoulders; the body hair is cut to a line about two inches from the ground; and the leg hair is cut to a line less than an inch from the ground. The overall look creates three distinct "levels," or layers. This cut is very difficult, and will definitely require a groomer's expertise.