About Us

Dog-Learn.com is currently a major work in progress to develop the internet's largest and most helpful resource on dogs.

Why build a new site about dogs when there are others available?

We have been involved with the pet industry since 2005 and are fully aware of the competition online. However, while we agree there are countless other dog sites online, the vast majority of them are either hobbyist sites or side-projects of commercial companies.

Hobbyist Dog Sites - These are sites created by dog lovers and are full of great content. However, since these sites are built by the owner as a hobby, many pages may be a work-in-progress and the sites may be difficult to navigate.

Commercial Dog Sites - These are sites built by large companies like Purina, Animal Planet, etc. Generally these sites target every animal in the pet industry with the goal of increasing traffic to their site or product. While these sites are easy to navigate, they often lack content making them as informative as hobbyist sites.

Our goal with Dog-Learn.com is to combine the benefits of both the hobbyist and commercial sites by creating an easy to navigate heavily informative resource for all current and future dog lovers.

We are fully aware of the effort it will take to complete this website, but we are determined to invest the time and resources required to earn your loyalty.