Chipoo Grooming

The ChiPoo is a hybrid that's part Chihuahua and part Poodle, and its parent breeds have coats that are different in both length and texture. Likewise, ChiPoo coats can have quite a bit of variety: they can be curly, straight, or wavy, and long- or short-haired--or somewhere in the middle of all those possibilities. See below for further details on ChiPoo coat maintenance, and for info on optional hairstyles.

Chipoo Coat Care

A ChiPoo's coat variety--short or long, and straight, wavy, or curly--can likewise mean a bit of variety in maintenance needs. But regardless of whether a Chipoo's coat is more like the Chihuahua's or the Poodle's (or somewhere in between), it won't require a great deal of care. None of the coat varieties shed much, but the longer, more Poodle-like coats will mat and tangle some--so depending on the coat length, a ChiPoo will need brushing anywhere from 1-4 times per week. Baths are only necessary every 2-3 months. And the longer-haired Chipoos will need a haircut several times per year.

A slicker brush can be used on all coat varieties; longer-haired ChiPoo owners may want to also have a 2-in-1 comb for dealing with mats and tangles. To brush your ChiPoo: first wet the coat with mist from a spray bottle, then go through the coat section by section with the brush, moving in the direction of hair growth. If you encounter a tangle or mat, first try to work it out with your fingers, then continue with the comb. If you're following the brushing with a bath: make sure to use canine shampoo (and conditioner, if desired), as the human kind can irritate a dog's skin; lather well, rinse completely, towel- or blow-dry, then give the coat another quick brush-through to neaten it.

Chipoos with longer coats can get a haircut every three months or so. Depending on the style, some cuts can be given at home, but it's a good idea to visit a professional groomer at least once. The groomer can demonstrate the proper haircut technique, and provide general ChiPoo grooming tips as well.


ChiPoo dogs generally only need bathing every 2-3 months--unless of course the dog gets especially dirty or stinky and an "emergency bath" is in order.

It's important when giving your ChiPoo a bath that you use canine shampoo (and conditioner, if desired). The kind made for humans has a different pH, and will easily irritate the dogs' skin. The best shampoo for ChiPoo dogs includes brands like Earthbath, Buddy Wash, and Pro Pet works--all of which will make your ChiPoo smell fresh and clean.

How to bathe a ChiPoo: first give the dog a good brushing. Your ChiPoo might be small enough to bathe in the kitchen sink; otherwise, a bathtub (which hopefully has a spray nozzle attachment) or an outdoor plastic pool using a garden hose will be fine. Wet the coat thoroughly, then apply a small amount of ChiPoo shampoo to the dog's back. Lather well, working downward and outward as you go. (And don't forget the legs, underbelly, and tail!) Clean the dog's face, head, and ears with a washcloth, then rinse the coat completely. If using canine conditioner, repeat the entire process with that.

Towel-dry the coat when the bath is done. ChiPoo dogs with curly Poodle-like coats will be better off if the coats air-dry--but otherwise, you can continue drying with a hair dryer on its lowest heat setting, brushing the hair out as you dry.

Finish with another quick brush-through to make the coat look neat and clean.

Chipoo Styling & Haircuts

ChiPoo haircuts are really only for dogs with longer coats. And if your ChiPoo has a coat very similar to a Poodle's, the dog can be styled in any manner that a Poodle uses. But for this hybrid, the most common style is a Puppy Cut, which sees the coat shaved to 1-2 inches all over. (Some owners like to leave the facial and leg hair a little longer to add variety.)

A Puppy Cut can be done at home with a little practice. You'll need some high-quality dog clippers with a #10 blade and a 1- or 2-inch comb attachment, and a good pair of scissors. Run the clippers along the coat in the direction of hair growth, and cut the facial hair with the scissors. Be sure not to let the clipper blade get too hot, as it can burn the dog's skin.

And those who are feeling adventurous can turn their ChiPoo poochie into a pink dog! In all seriousness: some owners choose to dye their dogs' coats pink, blue, and even green or purple. Methods include the use of Kool-Aid, food coloring, or juice from various fruits like strawberries or blackberries, in addition to commercial non-toxic animal hair dye products which will give the most consistent and predictable results.