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Badass Hunting Dog Names

Looking for a name to match your dog's strength, courage, and confidence with hunting? Look no further. Below is a list of the best badass names for any hunting dog.

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Name / MeaningGenderLikesAmmoNeutralAmmunition for a firearmArcherMaleA bowmanAresMaleAncient Greek meaning "battle"ArrowNeutralFired from a bow for silent huntingArtemisFemaleGoddess of the huntAuroraNeutralElectrical lights appearing in the skyBansheeNeutralMythological creature "messenger of death"BearNeutralA large dangerous predatorBeastNeutralA large dangerous animalBladeMaleA vampire slayerBoltMaleA quick movementBuckMaleA male deerBuffyFemaleA vampire slayerBulletMaleProjectile fired from a firearm.BullseyeNeutralThe center of a target.ChargerMaleTrained to charge into battleChaseMaleA huntsmanDakotaNeutralAllyDangerMaleRisk of imminent harmDiggerNeutralAn animal that easily digs earth.EchoNeutralA repeating soundFangNeutralA large sharp tooth.FlintMaleStone used to produce a sparkFoxMaleA cunning and sly animalGeneralMaleCommander of an armyGunnerMaleSpecializing in fighting with guns.HaloNeutralMilitary shooter video gameHitmanMaleAn assassin hired to eliminate a targetJawsMaleA strong mouthKevlarMaleBullet resistant armorMagnumMaleA gun more powerful than itMagnusMaleGreatMedusaFemaleA dangerous monster in Greek mythology.MontanaNeutralMountainous and ruggedNeroMaleStern and strongPredatorMaleAnimal that preys on othersRamboMaleA tough battle-resistant manRangerMaleGamekeeperRansomMaleGoods demanded for release of a captiveRebelNeutralResisting authorityReloadNeutralTo replace with newRemingtonMaleFirearm manufacturerRogueNeutralAn animal with savage tendenciesRugerMaleFirearm manufacturerSavageNeutralViolent and uncontrolledScoutNeutralSent ahead to gather informationSniperMaleShooting from a hidden spaceSpartaNeutralCity in ancient Greece renowned for their army.TracerMaleA flaming bullet to assist with aiming.TrapperMaleTo trap wild animalsTriggerMaleFirearm triggerVan HellsingMaleVampire hunterWinchesterMaleFirearm manufacturerXenaFemaleWarrior princess that fights evilZeroNeutralTo aim/zero-in

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