Yorkie Pom Grooming

The Yorkie-Pom's coat is a combination of the Yorkshire Terrier's long, silky coat and the Pomeranian's long, fluffy, double-layered one--and the result makes the Yorkie-Pom a beautiful little crossbreed. This hybrid's coat is long, and somehow fluffy and silky at the same time! Yorkie-Poms will need brushing 3-4 times per week, they'll need baths every couple of months, and depending on your preferred hairstyle, they'll need haircuts every 2-3 months.

These little dogs look fantastic in a variety of hairstyles. See below for descriptions of popular Yorkie-Pom haircuts.

Yorkie Pom Styling & Haircuts

The Yorkshire Terrier and the Pomeranian can both sport numerous hairstyles--so obviously, many Yorkie-Pomeranian mix haircuts exist, and this little crossbreed looks fabulous in all of them. Some popular Yorkie-Pom cuts:

  • Puppy Cut: A low-maintenance style. The dog is shaved fairly short (to 1.5-2 inches) all over; some prefer to leave the legs, tail, and facial hair a bit longer. Can easily be done at home with instruction.
  • Lion Cut: Makes the dog resemble a tiny lion. The face, neck ruff, front legs, and front half of the body are left at full length, while the rear half of the body, the hind legs, and the tail (except for the tip, which has a "pom" furball) are shaved close. Probably best done by a groomer.
  • Teddy Bear Cut: This style has the dog resembling a stuffed animal. The body hair is shaved to about two inches, but the legs, tail, and facial hair are shaved to a bit longer, and are carefully rounded and sculpted to look like a teddy bear. Can be done at home--but might take some practice.
  • 3-Layer: Also called a 3-Stack, this exotic cut gives your Yorkie-Pom an "artsy" look. The head, neck, and facial hair is scissor-cut to a line just below the shoulders; the body hair is scissor-cut to a line 2-3 inches from the ground; the leg hair is cut to a line less than an inch from the ground. The overall look gives the coat three distinct "levels." This cut is difficult, and will definitely require a professional groomer's expertise.

(NOTE: Be aware that shaving a Yorkie-Pom's coat short, particularly if the dog has more Pomeranian traits, may significantly alter the coat's texture when it grows back.)