Pomchi Grooming

Pomeranian Chihuahua mixes may be moderate maintenance in regards to grooming but shouldn't be as high maintenance as the purebred Pom. Their thick coats will vary in fluffiness and length based on what the Chihuahua: Pomeranian ratio is. Short-haired Chi x Pom mixes can sometimes result in Pomchis with short coats, although most you see will have longer coats. To be sure, long coats will need daily brushing to keep them in top shape; they will shed moderately. Remove stray hairs from the ears and clean them once a week or as necessary. Keep an eye on the nails-- they will need trimming every month or so. All dogs benefit from teeth cleaning once a week if you're up to this task, if not you can buy products targeted for your pet's teeth as well as scheduling cleanings. This page will give you basic info and tips for grooming your Pomchi.

Pomchi Coat Care

Pomchi grooming can often be done at home since they are not as high maintenance as a purebred Pom. Daily brushing is of utmost importance for fluffy, long coats like these in order to prevent tangles...and the dreaded mats. Mats can be painful and if they get ensnared to close to the skin, must be shaved off. It's also key to keep the coat wiped clean around the eye area (wet washcloth) since these dogs are prone to eye infections. Owners suggest you can brush them every other day but it does take longer per brushing session.

These dogs don't need to be bathed that often as they are not naturally stinky and are inclined to stay out of water and dirt. Once per month is usually a maximum and we recommend mildly warm water and a natural shampoo for sensitive (and dry) skin; Pomchis are known to develop irritations and dry skin if bathed too frequently or with harsh products.

Many groomers state that both the Pomeranian and Long-haired Chihuahua coats are not meant to be cut or shaved. Most owners do not need to shave their Pomchis, or even drastically trim them, and trimming the feet in between the pads, anal, and ear areas is usually enough to keep them hygienic every couple months.

Pomchi Styling & Haircuts

You must be careful when considering Pomchi haircuts due to to the qualities of their coats. Many Pomeranian owners do not touch the coat other than trimming the feet (between the pads) and around the anus for hygienic reasons. Many owners that scissors, trim or shave the main body of the coat find that it doesn't grow back over time! Truly the best for this breed is to commit to daily-twice weekly brushings and only trim the aforementioned areas.

If, however, you are an owner that can't stand the shedding and maintenance, you can keep their hair short in several styles; the Puppy cut is probably the easiest for DIY grooming.

  • The Lion Clip is more for looks and leaves the fluffy ruff around the neck long (as well as the head). The tail ends in a plume of hair too.
  • The Teddy Bear Clip leaves the head long and fluffy (usually just scissored) while the rest of the coat is clipped short.
  • The Puppy Cut is clipped short all over.
  • Some owners just opt for an all over scissoring to slightly shorten the coat; this is best done by a professional groomer.