Vizsla Grooming

Vizslas have short-haired, smooth coats that require very little care. See below for further details on maintaining a Vizsla's coat, including info on both brushing and bathing.

Vizsla Coat Care

This is what's known as a "wash and go" breed--in other words, their short, flat coats make Vizsla grooming quite simple. These dogs don't shed too much, so they only need brushing about once per week; they're also quite clean and have little "doggy odor," so they only need baths occasionally.

These dogs can be brushed once a week with a rubber curry brush, using the typical line-brushing method, and they're good to go. Baths are necessary maybe twice a year, or if the dog gets particularly dirty. Always brush your Vizsla prior to bathing. Use either canine shampoo or a soft human-kind such as baby shampoo; lather and rinse well, towel-dry, then give the coat another quick brush-through to make it look neat and clean.