Vizsla Grooming

Vizslas have short-haired, smooth coats that require very little care. See below for further details on maintaining a Vizsla's coat, including info on both brushing and bathing.

Vizsla Coat Care

This is what's known as a "wash and go" breed--in other words, their short, flat coats make Vizsla grooming quite simple. These dogs don't shed too much, so they only need brushing about once per week; they're also quite clean and have little "doggy odor," so they only need baths occasionally.

These dogs can be brushed once a week with a rubber curry brush, using the typical line-brushing method, and they're good to go. Baths are necessary maybe twice a year, or if the dog gets particularly dirty. Always brush your Vizsla prior to bathing. Use either canine shampoo or a soft human-kind such as baby shampoo; lather and rinse well, towel-dry, then give the coat another quick brush-through to make it look neat and clean.


Vizsla brushing is quite easy, and is only necessary once per week or so. The best brush for a Vizsla is either a rubber curry or bristle brush; a grooming glove will do the trick as well.

First wet the coat with water mist from a spray bottle, then go through the coat section by section with the brush or glove, moving in the direction of hair growth.


Do Vizslas smell? These dogs are known to keep themselves pretty clean--but like any breed, they can potentially develop that famous "doggy odor" if they get especially dirty or stinky. In those cases, an "emergency bath" is in order, but in general, Vizsla baths are only necessary 2-3 times per year.

It's important when bathing a Vizsla to use shampoo made for dogs, as the human kind has a different pH and can irritate the dog's skin. The best shampoo for a Vizsla includes brands like Earthbath, 4-Legger, and Pro Pet Works--all of which will make your Vizsla smell, look, and feel great.

Before the bath, give the dog a good brushing. You can bathe your Vizsla in either a bathtub or in an outdoor plastic pool (using a garden hose as a water source). Wet the coat thoroughly, then apply some Vizsla shampoo to the dog's back. Lather well, working downward and outward; don't forget the legs, underbelly, and tail! Clean the dog's face, head, and ears with a washcloth, then rinse the coat completely.

Towel-dry the dog, then give the coat another quick brush-through to make it look clean and neat.

Vizsla Care

See the complete guide on how to care for Vizslak.

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