German Shorthaired Pointer Grooming

The German Shorthaired Pointer has a short-haired, sleek, double-layered coat with natural oils that make it incredibly water-resistant. The coats on these dogs are pretty low-maintenance compared to most breeds. See below for details on maintaining the GSP coat, including a section dedicated to brushing.

German Shorthaired Pointer Coat Care

These dogs' short-haired, sleek coats make German Shorthaired Pointer grooming pretty low-maintenance overall. Their coats are short but double-layered, so they shed a bit year-round and more heavily during shedding season; they'll only need brushing once a week except during the twice-yearly shedding season, when they'll need it 3-4 times per week. GSPs only require baths when absolutely necessary, because frequent bathing will rid the coat of its natural waterproof oils. Haircuts aren't required at all.

The best brush for these dogs is either a firm bristle brush or a rubber grooming mitt. (See more details on brushing your GSP in the Brushing section below.) Many owners say they also like to wipe their GSP's coat with a towel or a chamois (a soft sheepskin material) occasionally to give it a smooth sheen.

A GSP only needs a bath if it gets particularly dirty or stinky. If you do plan to bathe your GSP, be sure to give it a thorough brushing first. To bathe the dog, you can use either a bathtub or an outdoor kiddie pool and a garden hose. Be sure to also use canine shampoo, as the kind made for humans can irritate the GSP's skin. First wet the coat thoroughly, then apply a quarter-sized amount of shampoo to the dog's back; lather well and work downward and outward. (And don't forget the belly and insides of the legs!) Finish with the chest and neck, then use a washcloth to clean the head, making sure to avoid getting shampoo in the dog's eyes. Rinse completely, towel-dry, then give the coat another quick brush-through to make it look clean and sleek.


GSPs' short coats don't shed much, but the shedding is heavier during the spring and fall shedding seasons. Overall, the best brush for a German Shorthaired Pointer is a firm bristle brush (similar to the kind used to brush horses), though some owners say a rubber grooming mitt works equally well, especially during shedding season.

Brushing your GSP is fairly simple: you don't need to wet the coat beforehand as with most breeds, because the water will likely drip right off the GSP's coat due to its natural water-resistant oils. Begin brushing at the shoulders, going over the coat section by section; brush in the direction of hair growth. And that's it!

German Shorthaired Pointer Care

See the complete guide on how to care for German Shorthaired Pointers.

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