Schipperke Grooming

The Schipperke is a beautiful, small-sized breed with a short-haired, thick, double-layered coat that only comes in black. Overall grooming isn't too much of a chore for these dogs: though they shed a good bit, they'll only need weekly brushing and occasional baths--and they don't require haircuts at all.

See below for further details on maintaining the Schipperke coat.

Schipperke Coat Care

Though it sheds a good bit, this breed's coat is fairly easy to care for, so Schipperke grooming is not too time-consuming overall. These dogs shed regularly for most of the year, and more heavily during the spring (and sometimes fall) shedding seasons, so they'll need brushing once or twice per week (and more often during shedding season); they'll require baths every 4-6 weeks, or when they get particularly dirty or stinky; haircuts aren't required at all.

A rubber curry brush (which collects loose hairs) or a pin brush work best with your Schipperke. To brush: first wet the coat with mist from a spray bottle, then starting at the shoulders, use the typical line brushing method to go over the entire coat. You'll need to brush your Schipperke 1-2 times per week, but during shedding season it can be done daily to collect shed hairs. During the 2- to 3-week shedding period you can also use a de-shedding tool like a Furminator to help with hair collection. And though it's not required, a bath or two during the shedding period helps reduce the shedding as well.

Overall, baths are necessary once every month or two for these dogs. Your Schipperke might be small enough to bathe in the kitchen sink; if not, a bathtub or an outdoor kiddie pool and a garden hose will work. To bathe: first give the dog a thorough brushing, then completely wet the coat. Be sure to use canine shampoo (available at any pet store) instead of the kind made for humans, as the human shampoo can irritate the dogs skin. Apply a small amount of shampoo to the dogs back, then lather well, working downward as you go. (And don't forget the legs, chest, and underbelly!) Finish by using a washcloth to clean the face, ears, and head, being careful not to get soap in the dog's eyes; rinse completely, towel-dry, then give the coat another brush-through to make it look clean and neat.

And though Schipperkes' short coats don't require haircuts, it's a good idea to take the dog to a professional groomer at least once, as the groomer can provide valuable tips on how to groom a Schipperke in general.