Where to Get A Saint Berdoodle

Since the Saint Berdoodle isn't a very common breed, you will most likely need to invest some time into finding a Saint Berdoodle to adopt. This page should help you determine where to get your St. Berdoodle as well as how to make sure you pick a healthy puppy for a fair price.

Where to Buy A Saint Berdoodle

Don't expect to find a Saint Berdoodle for sale at a local pet store or the local animal rescue. Future owners should expect to do a little bit of research before finding a Saint Berdoodle. Even if there is a Saint Berdoodle breeder in your area, you may end up on a waiting list so there's no guarantee you can get a Saint Berdoodle on demand. It is recommended that anyone considering getting a Saint Berdoodle puppy, contact the breeders listed on this page so they can see if they will need to be put on a waiting list for the next litter.

Generally the pro's of hard to find dogs outweigh the cons. While they are difficult to find, oftentimes breeders are highly experienced with the breed and are able to produce healthy offspring that truly represent the breed's standard and preserve the dog's personality and spirit. This is not always the case with more popular dog breeds as its not uncommon for inexperienced breeders to focus on profit rathar than the wellbeing of their dog's offspring.

Saint Berdoodle Price

One of the first question potential owners may have is "how much does a Saint Berdoodle cost?", and the answer to that is "It Depends". Below are some of the variables which can affect the cost of a Saint Berdoodle puppy:

  • Low supply and high demand
  • Unique coloring, unusual desirable traits, or extra large/small dogs
  • The age of the Saint Berdoodle
  • Health guarantees
  • The registration status with both parent breeds
  • If one or both parents have won breed competitions
  • If one or both parents have a winning bloodline

Any Saint Berdoodle that meets one or more of the above specs will likely be more valuable and cost more. Use the box below to see how much other people have paid for their Saint Berdoodle:

Saint Berdoodle Pictures

Check out Saint Berdoodle pictures. See breed coloring, coats, and Saint Berdoodles at different ages

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