Where to Get A Jack A Poo

Jackapoos are the entertaining, detail oriented and hypoallergenic canines produced from crossing purebred Poodles with purebred Jack Russel Terriers. This breed should be pretty easy to find online, if not plentiful (typically Poodle mixes are). Once you find a responsible breeder, there will likely be a deposit required to observe your pup; this breed is common enough to avoid the super long wait lists, however, litters are small so it's best to reserve one ASAP. When searching for Jackapoo (aka Jackadoodle) puppies for sale keep in mind that, if there are none close to your area, you will have to factor in shipping costs from $200-$450.

Those that find a puppy's background of little importance or those that don't mind an adult dog are encouraged to first look at adoption and rescue agencies. A helpful tip is to focus on rescue agencies for the Poodle or Jack Russel separately and inquire whether they may have a Jackapoo.

Jack A Poo Price

When searching for Jackapoo (Jackadoodles) for sale, you will see a broad spectrum of prices ranging from $300-$1500. The following factors will affect the price of your Jackapoo:

  • Health guarantees- the breeder will accept the puppy back or cover the costs if a health issue presents within a certain amount of time specified by them
  • Genetic testing and certifications- screenings for hip dysplasia, eye diseases, and the likelihood other genetic mutations will present as health concerns
  • Bloodline- both parent are usually purebred and members of recognized breeds (AKC, UKC, etc). If one or both of the parents are champion show-dogs or come from a line that is, this will increase Jackapoo cost.
  • Colors & Sizes- some coat colors are rare or unique and some sizes take extra effort to produce. For instance, miniature sized puppies sell for more than standard sized ones.
  • Shipping- be prepared to add $200-$450 to the price for transport if you have the puppy shipped.

NOTE: A high priced puppy does not always mean superior quality, likewise a low priced may not meet all of your expectations or breeding standards. The key is to take your time to find a breeder with good reviews and references that is able to answer any and all questions you may have .

Jack A Poo Grooming

Read the grooming requirements for Jack A Poos including coat care and other maintenance.

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