Doberman Pinscher Grooming

Doberman Pinschers are low maintenance when it comes to grooming! We recommend weekly brushing and as-needed bathing (usually every 2-3 months). The ears should be cleaned and the nails trimmed monthly. If you can manage a weekly dental cleaning, that's awesome-- otherwise, schedule a a cleaning with your veterinarian every 6 months. That's it! The short, hard "wash and wear" coat of the Dobie will remain naturally good looking to show off his athletic physique.

Doberman Pinscher Coat Care

Doberman grooming is almost as simple as it gets. The coat is often referred to as "wash and wear" meaning there is little you need to do to keep it in good shape. It is short, shiny and "hard" to the touch. A weekly brushing with a rubber brush, comb or grooming mitt is recommended. You may not realize it yet but these 10 minute brushing sessions will save you a lot of clean up time. Bathing is typically done anywhere from every six weeks to 3 months depending upon the activity level of your pet and whether he/she is an indoor or outdoor pet. Finally, no trimming or styling is needed!


The sleek, hard coat of the Doberman is deceptive because it actually sheds a fair amount. Brushing the coat weekly with not only keep it looking good but also reduce the shed hair flying around your home. The best brush for a Doberman coat is a rubber brush or grooming mitt, although you can use a comb if you prefer.


Experts recommend bathing a Doberman once every six weeks to 3 months. Dobermans do smell "doggy" sometimes so it can be done more often if necessary. Showdogs may need bathing as frequently as each week! The best shampoo for a Doberman is moisturizing or deodorizing shampoo. The pink Doberman, also referred to as fawn, is prone to hair loss and skin infections so a hypoallergenic shampoo may be best for this type as well as Doberman puppies. After bathing you can finish with a misturizing, high sheen spray, if you wish.

Paw Care

Generally, Doberman's nails should be trimmed monthly. This could vary depending upon the activity level of the dog. Some spend a lot of time outdoor which naturally wears down the nails while indoor dogs may need more frequent trimming. It's likely time for a trim if you can hear the nails clicking on the floor. Trimming your Doberman's nails will require either a guillotine nail clipper in a larger size or an electric nail file.

Other Care

The Doberman's powerful teeth should be cleaned frequently, as with all breeds, to prevent gum disease. Frequently could be weekly if you are able to pull this duty off at home, otherwise, frequently may mean a couple times per year at routine veterinary visits. Dental hygiene is not to be neglected. When Doberman puppies lose their teeth, the permanent adult teeth replace them. Dental plaque and infections can turn into gum disease-- which can actually affect vital organs such as the heart!

Doberman Pinscher Styling & Haircuts

Dobies don't need any styling or haircuts for their short, hard coat. It already is perfectly suited to showing off their athletic muscle. Instead, we will mention other types of styling for them. Bear in mind we are not suggesting you crop your dogs ears, however, a Doberman with cut ears is still quite appealing to many potential owners. Likewise an uncut Doberman is still impressive and powerful in appearance.

So why are the ear and tail of the Doberman cut? The answer is functionality. Doberman ear cropping styles evolved as they were bred for protection. Clipped ears and a docked tail eliminate areas easily grabbed by an attacking person or dog. Also, clipping the Doberman's ears gave them a hearing advantage.