Bull Terrier Grooming

Bull Terrier grooming, compared to many breeds, is relatively simple. This breed's short, flat coat is pretty low-maintenance, so maintenance for a Bull Terrier is not a time-consuming thing. See below for details on how to care for a Bull Terrier's coat, and for info on other types of breed maintenance.

Bull Terrier Coat Care

In regards to its coat, Bull Terrier grooming is fairly easy. These dogs' short-haired, flat coats shed only moderately (except in the spring and fall shedding seasons, when they shed heavily), and they don't mat or tangle. They'll need brushing weekly (but daily during shedding season to keep the shed hairs under control), and baths only occasionally.

To brush your Bull Terrier: first wet the coat with mist from a spray bottle. A grooming mitt (available at pet stores) works best for these animals; starting at the shoulders, use a line brushing method as you work your way back. Many owners attest to sometimes following their Bull Terrier brushing with the application of dry shampoo (also available at most pet stores); the dry shampoo keeps the Bull Terrier's coat looking clean and shiny. If your dog gets especially stinky or dirty, give it an actual bath using canine shampoo, then towel-dry and finish with another quick brush-through.

Bull Terrier Styling & Haircuts

There's little need to style a English Bull Terrier. These dogs, whose prominent French nose (which is that massive bump between the eye and the nostrils as the nose bridge slopes down) is a distinctive feature, don't need to have much. Their very short coats are best kept that way to allow the nose and muscular body to be appreciated.

If you're hoping for an old style Bull Terrier, however, that's based not on a coat style, haircut, or anything that can be done by you. These dogs are born that way, and that's that. And if you happen to have or get a Bull Terrier with a pink nose, it's best to keep their coat very clean so the nose remains in contrast to the hair.

Other Care

In addition to its coat, a Bull Terrier will need regular maintenance in the following areas:

  • Teeth: Just like humans, Bull Terrier teeth need regular brushing to prevent plaque/tartar buildup, minimize bad breath, and stimulate the gums. Brush your dog's teeth weekly with canine toothpaste, and use the same method you do to brush your own.
  • Ears: Check inside the dog's ears regularly, and look for excess dirt/debris and signs of infection. If needed, clean the ears with a cotton ball and a gentle, vet-approved cleanser.
  • Nails: Trim a Bull Terrier's nails every month or two (if the dog's nails click when it walks/runs on hard surfaces, it's time for a trim). Use regular nail clippers--but be sure not to clip the nails too short! Doing so may cut into the nail's "quick," which will be painful and cause the nail to bleed.
Bull Terrier Care

See the complete guide on how to care for Bull Terriers.

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