Funny Names for Black Dogs

Have a black dog and a sense of humor? If so, then take a look at the list below to find a perfect funny name for your black dog or puppy. This list has funny names for all genders, so you can easily find the name or nickname you're searching for.

Name / MeaningGenderLikesBanditBatmanMaleBeanNeutralBlack JackNeutralBlack SwanFemaleBlackbeardMaleCasperMaleClevelandMaleDarth VaderMaleDjangoMaleGothNeutralMorticiaFemaleNinjaNeutralPhantomNeutralPrinceMaleSharpieNeutralSirius BlackMaleSpookNeutralSpotNeutralWhiteyNeutralZorroNeutral

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Updated:September 28, 2017