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Looking for a unique Louisiana themed name for your dog or pet? Maybe you have a Catahoula Leopard Dog or perhaps you're just a fan of the Big Easy. Regardless, we have compiled a list of some of the best Louisiana dog names and nicknames for any pooch.

Feel free to checkout the complete list below. All names are organized by gender and many have a brief summary of the name's meaning.

Name / MeaningGenderLikesAndouilleNeutralSpicy sausage used in gumboBayouNeutralMarshy outlet near a watersourceBourbonMaleThe famous Bourbon street in New OrleansBruleeNeutralFrench for cream (BROO-lay)CajunNeutralThe Cajun culture in LouisianaCalleNeutral(kal-LAY) Spanish for streetCayenneMaleHot pepper used in many dishesCreoleNeutralReferences a type of people, style, culture, or musicDixieNeutralDoubloonMaleCommon flashy coin tossed at Mardi GrasGatorMaleA large dangerous reptile common in swampsGris-GrisNeutral(gree-gree) A good luck charmGumboMaleThe official cuisine of LouisianaJaxMaleJazzNeutralKreweNeutralMeans group of people on a mardi gras floatLagniappeNeutral(LAN-yap) A little something extraMagnoliaNeutralThe state flower of LouisianaMudbugNeutralA nickname for crawfishNolaFemaleShort for N'OleansPralineFemaleA candy made of pecans, sugar, and creamRexMaleRougeNeutralTabascoMaleFamous hot sauce made in LouisianaVooDooNeutralZuluNeutralA popular parade named after a fierce African tribeZydecoNeutral(ZYE-duh-koe) Blend of African and Cajun music

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