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Nautical Dog Names

People have been sailing the seas for thousands of years, but we didn't always sail alone. Dogs, cats, and other animals have been frequent companions, guardians, symbols of good luck, and mascots for vessels throughout history. Whether sailing or cruising, crossing blue water is never an easy task so animals that adapted to this lifestyle would quickly become the favorite crew member for warships, cargo ships, yachts, sail boats and everything else.

So if you're sailer, a cruiser, or just love boats you may be interested in choosing a nautical name for your dog or pet. If so, checkout the list below to see a complete list of ocean inspired names and nicknames perfect for any sea dog, puppy, or pet.

Name / MeaningGenderLikesAdmiralMaleSenior naval officer, derived from Arabic meaning "ruler of the sea"AhoyNeutralPhrase shouted to draw attention to somethingAnchorNeutralHeavy object used to stop a boat from driftingBarkNeutralA type of sail boat with 3 or more mastsBeaconNeutralA navigational aid generally fixed to one locationBuoyNeutralA floating object used to aid navigationCaptainMaleClipperNeutralA very fast sailing ship in the 1800sDavy JonesMaleNautical slang for permanently resting on the sea floorDinghyNeutralA small boatDoryFemaleA shallow flat bottomed boat; Character in "Finding Nemo"FinNeutralFlat appendage used for propelling, steering, and balanceGalleyNeutralShip's kitchen or an oared battleshipGrowlerNeutralAn iceberg that is barely visible above the water's surfaceHitchMaleKnot that ties a rope to a fixed objectJackMaleJonahMaleBiblical prophet that was swallowed by a giant fishNipperNeutralShort rope that connects two cablesPilotNeutralA navigator that can maneuver a vessel through difficult watersPirateNeutralAn individual that steals cargo or valuable items from a shipPoseidonMaleGreek god of seaRadarNeutralA device used to locate distance and position of objects near the shipRum-runnerNeutralA fast boat used to transport small cargo without detectionSebastianMaleSkiffNeutralA small boat used by one person

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