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Brown Dog Names

Name your brown, light brown, or dark brown dog something original that suits his/her personality as well as their coat color. Use this list to choose the best brown dog name for dog or puppy, big or small.

Name / MeaningGenderLikesAcornNeutralThe nut from an oak treeAlmondNeutralThe nut from an almond treeAmarettoNeutralAn almond flavored liqueurAutumnNeutralThe season between summer and winterBaileyFemaleAfter the irish cream liqueurBeansNeutralBeaverNeutralSmall forest critters that build damsBetty CrockerFemaleA common dessert recipe brandBoscoMaleA chocolate syrup brandBrewNeutralSlang for beerBrownieNeutralA choclate dessert that can be eaten with your handsCadburyMaleCafNeutralThe word brown in many languagesCappuccinoNeutralA coffee made with milkCedarNeutralA type of tree known for their fragranceCharlie BrownMaleMain character in the Peanuts comic stripChestnutNeutralA brown nut that's often roasted and eatenChipMaleCinnamonNeutralA brownish red spice made from treesCoco PuffNeutralA popular chocolate cereal brandCocoaNeutralChocolate powder made from cacao seedsCoffeeNeutralA popular drink made from roasted beansColaNeutralA sodaCookieNeutralCopperCount ChoculaMaleThe mascot and name of a chocolate cerealDeCafNeutralUncaffinated coffeeDonutNeutralA small fried cake of sweetened doughDoveFemaleDunkinNeutralAfter the American coffee chain Dunkin DonutsEclairNeutralA hotdog-bun shaped chocolate dessertEspressoNeutralStrong black coffee made with steamFawnFemaleFolgerMaleA famous coffee brandFondueNeutralA dish where food is dipped into cheese, oil, or chocolateFudgeNeutralGingersnapNeutralA think ginger flavored cookieGodivaFemaleGooberNeutralSlang for peanutGravyNeutralA brown sauce made from meatGuinnessNeutralA common Irish beerHazelFemaleHazelnutNeutralNut from the hazel treeHeathMaleHersheyNeutralA chocolate candy companyHickoryNeutralA tree commonly used for furnitureJack DanielNeutralA Tennessee WhiskeyJavaNeutralKhakiNeutralA brown yellow fabricKitkatNeutralA popular candy bar in North AmericaLatteNeutralA coffee made with espresso and steamed milkLeatherNeutralMateria made from the skin of an animalMahoganyNeutralA sought after wood for furniture and flooringMeatloafNeutralGround meat molded into a loaf and bakedMochaMolassesNeutralThick brown syrup from raw sugarMuddNeutralA fancy way of spelling mudNestleNeutralA popular chocolate brandNutellaFemaleA hazelnut chocolate spreadNutmegNeutralSeed used for spicesPeanutNeutralSeed used for peanut butterPennyPepsiNeutralA popular soda brandPretzelNeutralA crisp biscut shaped into a knotRaisinetteFemaleFeminine version of raisinReeseMaleRocky RoadNeutralA delicous chololate flavored ice creamRoloMaleRustyNeutralSableFemaleSaharaNeutralThe largest subtropical hot desert in the worldScoobyMaleThe great dane in Scooby DooSmoresNeutralA dessert involving choclate, marshmellow, and grahm crackersSnickersNeutralA popluar candy barSoyNeutralSlang for soy sauceStarbuckNeutralA popular coffe chain in AmericaSundaeNeutralA dessert involving ice cream and chocolate syrupTaffyNeutralA dessert similar to toffeeTannerMaleTeakNeutralA wood used for making furnitureTeddyNeutralSlang for teddy bearTobleroneNeutralA chocolate candy companyToffeeNeutralTootsiNeutralTootsie rollTruffleNeutralA soft candy made of chocolate and rumTwixNeutralWalnutNeutralEdible seed from the walnut treeWhiskeyNeutralA liquor made from malted grainWonkaNeutralA candy bar brandWoodyMaleAn area of land covered with trees

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