Black and white border collie Massaini

Black and White Dog Names

These names are perfect for any black and white dog or puppy. Choose to name your dual colored dog something witty, humorous, or sophisticated. Choose from any of the names below or use this list as inspiration for your own name.

Name / MeaningGenderLikesAlmond JoyNeutralAfter the candyBaby GrandNeutralBaby grand pianoBanditBarcodeNeutralOptical scanning codeBootsNeutralButlerMaleChief manservant of a houseChessMaleCookieNeutralCowFemaleA female bovineDiceNeutralSmall cube with numbersDominoFemaleDottyFemaleGreat for dogs with patches or dotsEightballNeutralAfter the black and white pool ballFrostbiteNeutralGreat for dogs with white tipped paws or tailHalf MoonNeutralWhen only half of the moon is visible from earthJayMaleJeevesMaleMarbleNeutralAfter the game marblesMichael JacksonMaleAfter the famous singerMittensNeutralGreat for dogs with paws a different color from their furMooNeutralOrcaNeutralKiller whaleOreoNeutralAfter Oreo cookiesPandaNeutralAfter the black and white panda bearPatchesNeutralGreat for dogs with different color patches of furPenguinNeutralAfter the subarctic animalPepperNeutralGreat for white dogs with black spotsPeppie LapewMaleAfter the cartoon skunkSaltyNeutralGreat for a black dog with white spotsShamooNeutralAfter the famous orca whaleSkunkNeutralGreat for dogs with a white stripeSocksNeutralGreat for dogs whose fur looks like they have socks on their feetSpeckNeutralGreat for dogs with a single color markingSpotNeutralSundaeNeutralAfter the vanilla and chocolate dessertTuxMaleYinyangNeutralPopular concept of balance in Chinese philosophyZebraNeutralAfter the black and white African animal

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