Pekingese Grooming

With its long-haired coat, a Pekingese will require quite a bit of grooming. Its flowing locks mean this breed has a variety of possible haircuts and styles, most of which will need frequent care; in addition to the coat maintenance, a Pekingese will need a lot of other care including face-cleaning, brushing of teeth, and trimming of nails.

Detailed information on maintaining your Pekingese can be found below.

Pekingese Coat Care

Many believe that since the Pekingese is a toy breed that likely spends much of its time indoors, its fur doesn't require much brushing--and that belief is wholly untrue. Pekingese need grooming daily for best results; this frequent care will reduce tangles, matting, and shedding, and simply makes the dog's coat look nicer. If a Pekingese coat does get dirty, try to clean it with a dry shampoo immediately; if dirt/debris are left in the fur, they will become tangled and be impossible to remove without the aid of a professional groomer.

Depending on whether the dog is used in the show ring, many owners opt to give their Pekingese a "puppy cut"--a shorter cut that's generally one length all over--because it's easier to maintain. Regardless of the dog's coat length, daily brushing (along with periodic shampooing) will greatly reduce the need for professional grooming.

Pekingese Styling & Haircuts

With their long, flowing fur, Pekingese haircuts come in numerous styles. Here are the most popular:

  • The Puppy Cut: If you want your Pekingese with a short haircut, this is the best option. The hair over the entire body is cut to uniform length (usually 1-3 inches).
  • The Lion Cut: A style that resembles a lion's fur. The fur on the face, ears and neck are trimmed to medium or long length; the remainder of body hair is cut very short, except for the tail's tip. This stylish cut is good for those in warmer climates.
  • The Show Groom: Most of the fur length is left in, only trimmed to look stylish and balanced.
  • The Short Groom: Similar to the above-listed style, only at half the length.
  • No Cut: Some owners, particularly those who regularly show their Pekingese, opt for no haircut at all; many kennel clubs (including the AKC) will penalize show dogs with "shaped or sculpted" fur.

Other Care

In addition to frequent brushing, a Pekingese will need care in the following areas:

  • Clean the face: Using a damp cloth or sponge (no soap), gently wipe the face, paying particular attention to the skin folds where dirt/debris may get trapped. You can periodically add a few drops of vinegar to the cloth to reduce odor. Frequency: Weekly
  • Clean the ears: Many owners use ear cleaner that can be purchased from most pet stores. Put two or three drops in each ear; rub the ear with your hand; clean the inside of the ear with a Q-Tip or cotton ball. Frequency: Weekly
  • Brush the teeth: Like most breeds, Pekingese have teeth problems if they're not properly maintained. It's best to start brushing a dog's teeth when it's still a puppy so the dog will get used to it. The process is similar to brushing your own teeth, but be sure and use canine toothpaste and not human (also available at pet stores). Frequency: 3x/week
  • Trim the nails (and excess foot hair): Within each nail is a "quick" (or vein); the longer the nails grow, the longer the quick, so the nails may bleed and be painful if they're not cut often enough. Trim the nails as you would your own. Also trim back the excess hair on the pads of the feet; if the hair gets too long, it can trap dirt/debris and become infected. Frequency: Every two weeks
Pekingese Care

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