Where to Get A Huskita

Huskitas are not a very well known breed which makes them a challenge for new owners to find. This page will help you figure out the best price and the place to find a Huskita.

Where to Buy A Huskita

It would be surprising to find a huskita at a local pet store or in the classifieds. Future owners will need to put in some effort to find a huskita for their family due to the rareness of the breed. Don't let this discourage you though because while there are few huskita breeders, they are almost all not just an expert with the huskita but also with the Siberian Husky and the Akita as well. This is beneficial because they will know how to properly breed the huskita to preserve the dog's personality and spirit. Plus, experienced breeders are less likely to sacrifice quality for profit as they are generally more concerned about the well-being of their puppies than low quality breeders who want to make more money with less effort.

Huskita Price

Don't expect all huskitas to be the same price as many factors can affect the final cost of a huskita including:

  • Low supply and high demand
  • Unique coloring, unusual desirable traits, or extra large/small dogs
  • The age of the Huskita
  • Health guarantees
  • The registration status with both parent breeds
  • If one or both parents have won breed competitions
  • If one or both parents have a winning bloodline

Any huskita that meets one or more of the above specs will be more desirable and will cost more. Use the box below to see how much other people have paid for their Huskita:

Huskita Pictures

Check out Huskita pictures. See breed coloring, coats, and Huskitas at different ages

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