Where to Get A Golden Irish

The Golden Irish is not a very well known dog breed, so finding a puppy to adopt may be a bit challenging. Fortunately this page will give you some tips on the best places to find golden irish puppies for sale and some advice on what you should expect to pay for your new pup.

Where to Buy A Golden Irish

Your best bet for finding a Golden Irish for sale is from a breeder or maybe even in classified ads or craigslist. Keep in mind that some people may not know the Golden Retriever Irish Setter mix is called a Golden Irish, so you should look for listings advertising "Golden Retriever Mix" and "Irish Setter Mix" dogs for sale too. You can try rescues, but it's not very likely that a standard rescue would be able to identify a Golden Irish correctly.

More than likely you will need to find a Golden Irish breeder to find a Golden Irish for sale. Since the breed is not a high demand breed you may have to travel to find one with a puppy available and even then you may not have the option to choose which puppy you want. Because of this, it may be wise to ask the breeder place you on a "waiting list" so you can get first choice of the next litter. This may sound like a lot of work, but generally breeders that breed low-demand dogs do so purely because they are passionate about the breed and this results in incredibly healthy litters which truly represent the breed's character.

Golden Irish Price

Don't expect all Golden Irish puppies to be the same price. Many factors can affect the final cost of a Golden Irish including:

  • Low supply and high demand
  • Unique coloring, unusual desirable traits, or extra large/small dogs
  • The age of the Golden Irish
  • Health guarantees
  • The registration status with both parent breeds
  • If one or both parents have won breed competitions
  • If one or both parents have a winning bloodline

A Golden Irish which meets one or more of the above specs will be more desirable and will cost more. Use the box below to see how much other people have paid for their Golden Irish:

How Much Does A Golden Irish Cost

Average Price
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