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Glen Of Imaal Terrier Grooming

The Glen of Imaal Terrier, a small- to medium-sized breed, has a medium-length, rough, double-layered coat that doesn't require too much grooming. Weekly brushing and occasional baths are all that are necessary, though many owners opt to have their Glens' coats hand-stripped every few months to keep them in good shape.

See below for further details on brushing, bathing, and hand-stripping the Glen of Imaal Terrier coat.

Glen Of Imaal Terrier Coat Care

These dogs' coats are fairly easy to care for, so overall Glen of Imaal Terrier grooming doesn't take too much work. Glens' rough coats will need brushing once or twice per week to prevent tangles and mats; they only require occasional baths (every three months or so, or when they become especially dirty or stinky); and haircuts aren't required at all, though many owners--especially those who show their Glens--choose to hand-strip their dogs' coats every few months.

Brushing: It's best to use both a slicker brush and a 2-in-1 comb on these dogs' coats. Brush as follows: first wet the coat with mist from a spray bottle (and you can mix in a bit of de-tangling solution, if desired). Then starting at the shoulders, go over the coat section by section with the slicker brush. If you encounter a tangle or mat, first try working it out with your fingers, then continue working through it with the comb if needed. Finish by going through the facial and body furnishings with the comb.

Bathing: You can bathe your Glen in either a bathtub or in an outdoor kiddie pool using a garden hose. To bathe: first give the dog a thorough brushing, then wet the coat completely. Apply a quarter-sized amount of shampoo to the dog's back (and be sure to use canine shampoo and conditioner, as the kind made for humans can irritate a dog's skin); lather well, working downward as you go. Go over the legs, underbelly, and tail, then use a washcloth to clean the head, face, and ears, making sure to avoid getting soap in the dog's eyes. Rinse thoroughly, then repeat the entire process with conditioner if you like. Towel-dry, then give the Glen another quick brush-through to make the coat look clean and neat.

Stripping: A lot of Glen owners hand-strip their dogs' coats every 3-4 months to keep them looking fresh and healthy. Though the stripping process can be time-consuming, it's not difficult, nor is it painful for the dog if done correctly. (The Show Dog Store has detailed instructions on hand-stripping methods.) Some owners, though, prefer to have their Glens' coats stripped by a professional groomer. In any case, it's a good idea to visit a groomer at least once, as he or she can demonstrate the proper hand-stripping methods and provide tips on how to groom a Glen of Imaal Terrier in general.

Glen Of Imaal Terrier Care

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