English Coonhound Grooming

The English Coonhound (EC) has a short, stiff coat that's pretty easy to maintain. These dogs shed moderately, so they'll need consistent brushing to help minimize the amount of shed hairs--but otherwise, overall English Coonhound grooming isn't time-consuming at all.

Brush your EC twice a week or so with a bristle brush or grooming glove. To brush: first wet the coat with water mist from a spray bottle, then go through the coat section by section with the brush or glove, moving in the direction of hair growth.

These dogs will generally need bathing every 6-8 weeks--unless, of course, the dog gets especially dirty or stinky and an "emergency bath" is called for. (Get more details on how to bathe an English Coonhound in the Bathing section below.)

And the EC's coat is simply too short to sport any hairstyle other than its natural one--so no haircuts are required for these dogs.

In addition to its coat, the English Coonhound will need regular maintenance in other areas. Brush the dog's teeth 2-3 times per week to reduce plaque and tartar; clean the dog's ears about once a month with canine ear cleaning solution; and if your EC's nails click on hard surfaces, that means they need trimming--which you can do with standard nail clippers.

Though owners can easily learn to perform all aspects of English Coonhound grooming themselves, it's a good idea to take your EC to a professional groomer at least once. The groomer can give the dog a nice makeover, and provide tips on how to groom an English Coonhound at home.


If your English Coonhound odor isn't the most pleasant one, don't be surprised. These dogs, like other Hound breeds, are known for having more of that "doggy odor" than a lot of breeds--which means they'll need baths pretty regularly (every 6-8 weeks is a good interval).

When bathing an English Coonhound, it's important to use canine shampoo. The kind made for humans has a different pH, and will easily irritate a dog's skin. It's also good to make sure you rinse all the shampoo from the coat; leftover soap residue will cause further skin irritation.

The best shampoo for English Coonhound dogs includes brands like Earthbath, Healthy Paws, and 4-Legger. These premium shampoos will clean the coat without disturbing its natural waterproof oils--and as a bonus, they'll make your English Coonhound smell great!

Before the English Coonhound bath, give the dog a good brushing. You can bathe your EC either in a bathtub (which hopefully has a spray nozzle attachment; if not, use a large cup), or in an outdoor plastic pool using a garden hose. Wet the coat thoroughly, then apply a generous amount of Coonhound shampoo to the dog's back. Lather well, working downward and outward as you go. (And don't forget the legs, underbelly, and tail!) Clean the dog's face, head, and ears with a washcloth, then rinse the coat until the water runs clear from it.

Towel-dry the EC's coat, then finish with another quick brush-through to make the coat look fresh and clean.

English Coonhound Care

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