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White & Gold Chipoo
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The Chipoo is a hybrid dog resulting from the cross of a Chihuahua with a Poodle, typically Miniature or Toy. These are small companion dogs that are suitable for virtually all owners. They are easily groomed, get along very well with kids and other pets and are perfectly sized for small living spaces. Chipoos are intelligent, energetic and affectionate, meaning they can play or cuddle--likely whatever you are doing is fine with them. These alert hybrids make excellent watchdogs and although training is doable, they may require extra patience in that regard. We recommend you read up on both parent breeds before purchasing or adopting a hybrid.

Chipoo Breed Details

Breed Specs
Hybrid12-15 yrs.5-15 in.3-20 lbs
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The Chipoo is a companion breed that has emerged over the last couple decades as part of the designer dog craze. They do come from two extremely popular breeds- the Poodle known for it's intelligent and entertaining personality and the Chihuahua, one of the most loving and loyal companion breeds of all time. Chipoos make good matches for nearly everyone, but if there are kids in the household it is best that they are old enough to respectfully handle a pet. This hybrid needs to live indoors with the family and is often sensitive to cold climates.


  • Small size makes them suitable for apartments and condos
  • They are good dogs for travel
  • Easy grooming and will likely shed less than purebred Chihuahuas
  • They make excellent watch dogs
  • Great with pets and kids
  • Playful, yet cuddly


  • Not completely hypoallergenic
  • Can be yappy and overly suspicious of strangers
  • Not guard dogs
  • Not intensive exercise partners
  • Can be stubborn in regards to training

Chipoo Breed Description

A Chihuahua mixed with a Poodle will produce a hybrid Chipoo that will vary much more in appearance and temperament than the purebred parents. Your puppy may inherit more characteristics from one or the other, or they may get an equal mix. Before adopting or purchasing, it is recommended to supplement this Chipoo information by reading up on both parent breeds.

This breed is energetic, loyal and intelligent. They need mental stimulation in the form of training and toys to keep them busy, lest they become bored and develop problematic behaviors. This combination of traits often produces a dog that is not overly difficult to train, however, if they inherit the stubbornness of the Chihuahua it will be on the difficult side. Positive enforcement, patience and treats will bring about the best results. Training and socializing early is necessary, otherwise this breed may be overly suspicious of strangers and prone to small dog syndrome.

Chipoos are known to get along well with other pets and even better with their immediate family members. Older kids that can be taught how to appropriately handle a pet are the best match for this breed; although they love young kids too, rambunctious play may hurt them. This is a great watchdog breed for your home, as they are alert and naturally suspicious of strangers. Their tendency to bark can turn into a nuisance though if not properly trained.

Exercising these little guys will be easy. They are energetic and love to play, however, their small size means they will not require as much daily activity to keep them fit. Short daily walks, outdoor playtime, training (both obedience and agility), as well as a supply of toys will keep them happy and healthy. They are not, however, intensive exercising partners by any means.

Chipoo Appearance

It is quite difficult to generalize about the appearance of a hybrid. Chipoos can look completely different, even if from the same litter! The coat length of the Chihuahua parent (long or short) plays a major role in the appearance of the Chipoo coat as does the amount of Poodle coat genes they inherit; some have short, straight coats and others long, wiry or wavy coats...and there are still plenty of possibilities that fall somewhere in between. Size also matters as Chihuahua can be tiny or tinier and Poodles come in Standard, Mini and Toy types; but you can be sure of one thing, they will be very small dogs with little heads, feet and tails. Their ears can be erect or floppy and they will have some shade of brown eyes that portrays their keen, energetic personalities.

Chipoo Coloring

Chihuahua Poodle crosses vary in color a great deal and it's likely you will see many different coats, even in the same litter. Chihuahuas are said to come in every color of the rainbow and Poodles also have a few variations, themselves. Common colors for your Chipoo puppy include: black, white, cream, gray, apricot, golden and various shades of brown (from light to dark). They previous colors also show up in bi-colored coats, for example, black and white or apricot and white. Markings for this breed may or may not be present and can be of various colors.

Chipoo Size

Since the Poodle parent used for breeding a Chipoo is almost always the Miniature or Toy variety, fully grown Chihuahua Poodle mixes will be small to very small dogs. They usually stand 5-15 inches tall and weigh somewhere in between 3-20 pounds depending upon the classification of the parent breed (mini, toy, teacup, etc.). There is quite a range of possibilities in regards to the size of your Chipoo due to the unpredictability of hybrid crosses, especially first generation. Keep in mind they may fall short of or surpass these expected ranges.

Average Adult Height

5-15 in
*Height is measured in inches from the front paws to the top of the shoulder while the dog is standing on all four legs.

Average Adult Weight

3-20 lbs

Chipoo Variations

Talk about variations! Chipoo puppies come in what seems like an endless array of possibilities. They vary greatly in terms of size, coat color and coat texture. It is best to consult a breeder if you want your Chipoo to have a certain "look". They can tell you the basic differences in these qualities that each generation brings. Remember, F1 is the result of crossing a purebred Poodle (size varies) with a Purebred Chihuahua. An F2 sees two F1 Chipoos being bred together. F1Bs and F2Bs result from that generation of Chipoo being "back-crossed" with one of the original parent breeds (Poodle or Chihuahua) depending upon which traits one wants to hone in on.

Poodle x Chihuahua mixes can be long or short haired depending upon whether the Chihuahua parent had a long coat or a short coat. The Poodle genetics can also make it possible for the Chipoo coat to be more wiry to the touch, but it can also be more smooth like the Chihuahua.

Size is also a consideration when looking for you new pet. Chihuahuas are pretty small dogs that also exist in even smaller varieties! Poodles also come in Standard, Miniature and Toy sizes, however, it is almost always the Mini and Toy ones that are used in breeding this type of hybrid. Those seeking the smallest Chipoos should search for breeders with Toy, Teacup and Mini sized parents, but be warned, down sizing often comes with extra health problems.

Chipoo Temperament

The Chipoo temperament will be hard to predict with certainty and depends heavily on which traits are inherited from either parent. Some will be more Poodle like while others will seem very Chihuahua-ish, but most will have personalities that are somewhere in between. In general, Chipoos are known to be energetic and playful, yet sweet and affectionate enough for a cuddle.

These little dogs are intelligent and alert, coupled with their often inherited suspicion of stranger, these traits make them excellent watch dogs. They are good family dogs and usually get along well with other pets. While they love the playtime and special attention that kids can provide, Chipoos are very small and easily hurt by rough play.

Their keen nature, loyalty and eagerness to be with their owner should mean that training will be doable, even for a first time owner. However, they are notably independent and even stubborn thinkers so you must be patient, positive and calm while training them. They show much love and affection towards the family and may have a favorite person. Make sure they have plenty of toys and possibly a playmate, as they are known to develop separation anxiety if left alone frequently.

Chipoo Photos

Below are pictures and images of the Chipoo dog breed.

White & Golden Chipoo
White & Golden Chipoo
White & Gold Chipoo
White & Gold Chipoo

Chipoo Health

Poodle-Chihuahua mixes result in puppies that should be healthier than the parent breeds, especially first generation crosses. Choosing a reputable breeder, combined with routine trips to your veterinarian, can help prevent some issues. It is recommended you read up on all possible health issues of both parent breeds before adopting one of these dogs.

Typically, this breed will live 12-15 years with few problems; some Chipoos have been known to live longer and many times hybrid dogs outlive their purebred parents. Although the Chipoo is a healthy breed, they have been known to suffer from obesity and sensitive skin; keeping a natural diet and using natural cleansing products should help mitigate this. These dogs are also known to be prone to many eye diseases and disorder and it especially important to keep the eye area clean. Finally, although less common, these guys run a chance of inheriting diabetes heart disorders.

  • Obesity
  • Patellar Luxation

Chipoo Breed Recognition

The following dog breed registries and organizations recognize the Chipoo as a dog breed:

  • American Canine Hybrid Club
  • Designer Breed Registry
  • Designer Dogs Kennel Club
  • Dog Registry of America Inc.
  • International Designer Canine Registry

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