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Boston Terrier Grooming

If you own a Boston Terrier, congratulations, you have a very, very easy dog to groom! Those looking for an easy breed to groom at home would definitely be happy with one. It's likely that only the busiest owners will need to take their Boston to a groomer. Don't make the mistake of thinking they don't require regular care though-- the grooming experience is necessary to keep the skin, eyes, ear, and teeth free of infections. This page will give you information on how to groom your Boston Terrier. Sections covered include:

  • Brushing
  • Bathing
  • Nail Care
  • Dental Care
  • Ear Care
  • Eye Care
  • Wrinkles

Boston Terrier Coat Care

As we mentioned earlier, Boston Terrier grooming is easy to complete at home. Coat care is a very important aspect of the process because it allows you to bond with your pet, get him/her used to being touched, and enables you to closely examine the skin for any irritations, wounds, bumps, lumps or other irregularities. For this gentleman dog you should consider weekly brushing and monthly bathing. You will want to wipe the wrinkles with a damp cloth or some gentle doggy wipes every few days so they aren't allowed to harbor stinky yeast and bacteria. A list of products you will want to consider for your pet's coat are:

  • Pin Brush
  • Rubber Curry Mitt
  • Wrinkle Wipes
  • Deodorizing Spray


The Boston Terrier's coat is known for being short, smooth and shiny. They have a single coat and are average shedders. Many owners assume the coat doesn't need to be brushed because it is so short, however, you would be doing yourself and your pet a lot of good by brushing at least once per week. A once weekly brushing will remove dead hairs so that will be less cleanup. It allows the natural oils to be spread along the skin, too while also enabling you to keep an eye on the health of your pets skin. The best brush for a Boston Terrier is a Pin Brush, Rubber Curry Brush/Mitt, or both.

Getting Out Tangles

Though the Boston Terrier coat doesn't mat or tangle much, hair snarls sometimes develop--especially when dead hairs get tangled up with healthy ones instead of falling out. The first defense against Boston Terrier coat tangles, of course, is consistent brushing!

Some owners do like to use de-shedding tools to reduce the development of tangles or mats (and to minimize shedding in general). The tool's fine, sharp teeth reach down into the coat and pull out he dead hairs. With de-shedding tools like a Furminator, Boston Terrier coats obviously shed less--and in turn, don't get tangled as easily.

The problem with de-shedding tools is that they often remove healthy hairs along with the dead ones, which can make the BT's coat look uneven. So if your Boston Terrier's coat does get tangled, the best way to deal with it is to use your fingers. This method is more time-consuming, but it's less damaging to the coat. Simply use your thumbs and forefingers to separate the hairs, going strand by strand if necessary. If you like you can spray the snarl with de-tangling solution beforehand to separate the hairs. With extra-stubborn tangles, use scissors to cut them in half (or even fourths) to get the untangling process started.

And if a tangle is impossible to remove, the only option left is to cut it out with scissors--but this should be the last resort.


Giving your Boston Terrier a bath may sound like a pain but it's actually a pretty quick procedure thanks to their short coats. It's best to start giving them regular baths as early as possible to get them used to it; praise and treats are helpful so they can at least associate bath time with something pleasant. If your Boston is too unruly for you, you can take them to be professionally groomed once every 4-6 weeks. Want to know how to bathe your Boston?

  1. Brush through the coat to remove any dead hairs.
  2. Run 3 inches warm water into the bathing area before bringing your pet in so the water noise will not frighten him/her.
  3. The best shampoo for Boston Terriers is just a gentle canine shampoo (not human shampoo).
  4. When washing the face be careful not to get soap in the sensitive eyes or water into the ears; you can put cotton balls into the ears to keep water out.
  5. Rinse and re-rinse since any soap residue can irritate the skin.
  6. You can towel dry or blow dry.
  7. Don't forget the treats!

Boston Terrier Styling & Haircuts

Once again, if you're the owner of a Boston or are considering one-- you have chosen a super low maintenance breed! They do not require any special styling or haircuts to keep their smooth, short coat in good shape. Regular brushing will keep him the shiny and dapper gentleman that he is!

Now, on the other hand, if we talk about styling on a fashion standpoint people tend to go crazy with their pets. From pink Boston Terrier tutus to handsome sweaters, you can really see them dressed in anything; however, nothing beats their natural "tuxedo" look.

Paw Care

A Boston Terrier's nails will probably need trimming once per month, if not, checking once per month is certainly beneficial. Based on his activity level and how much time he spends outside the nails may wear down a bit themselves. If you hear them clicking when he walks then it's definitely time for a trim. You can use a guillotine style pair of clippers (traditional type) or a spinning file. Be careful not to go too far down the nail or you may nick the living part referred to as "the quick". We recommend having some styptic powder on hand in case of bleeding.

Other Care

Teeth - Brush your Boston's teeth weekly with a drop of doggy toothpaste (or baking soda with water) on a finger brush or canine toothbrush. This will help prevent gum disease, cavities, bad breath and other serious issues. Regular cleanings can also be scheduled with your vet!

Eyes - The best way to prevent tear stains on your Boston Terriers adorable face is to wipe it daily with a damp cloth. Just water will do as soap can hurt their sensitive eyes if it gets into them. You can also buy hypoallergenic doggy wipes that are safe for the delicate eye area.

Wrinkles - Wrinkles are a breeding ground for excess yeast and bacteria and are prone to getting smelly in between baths. Wipe them a few times per week with a damp cloth or doggy wipes. Some owners move a Qtip dipped with baby oil through the wrinkles.

Ears - The large ears of the Boston can easily collect dirt and debris so make sure to check them weekly. If they look dirty, use a cotton ball soaked in ear cleaning solution and gently rub inside the ear. Q-tips shouldn't be used inside the ear but the outer crevices are ok.

Boston Terrier Care

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