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Biewer Terrier Grooming

The Biewer Terrier has a long, silky coat that's very similar to the Yorkshire Terrier (the breed, in fact, from which the Biewer was developed). People often compare a Biewer's coat to human hair, so these dogs will need quite a bit of grooming. See below for details on maintaining the Biewer Terrier coat, and for info on optional hairstyles.

Biewer Terrier Coat Care

These dogs' long, silky coats need quite a bit of attention, so overall Biewer Terrier grooming is a fairly time-consuming process. Though Biewers' coats don't shed much, they do tend to mat and tangle some, so they'll need brushing every day. They'll also need weekly baths to keep the silky hair looking healthy and clean. And depending on your preferred hairstyle, a Biewer will need a trim every 2-3 months.

Brushing a Biewer's coat is a bit different than with most other breeds. The coat of this breed requires wetting down prior to brushing, or the fine hair can be damaged. So to brush a Biewer, first wet the coat with a mixture of water and canine conditioner, using mist from a spray bottle. A pin brush is best for these dogs, and a 2-in-1 comb for mats and tangles will come in handy as well. Brush the coat section by section, moving the brush from the hair roots to the tips in a smooth, sweeping motion. Use the comb to work through any stubborn mats or tangles. If you're following the brushing with a bath, make sure you give the dog a thorough brushing first. Use canine shampoo and conditioner, as the human kind can damage a Biewer's coat; lather and rinse thoroughly, towel- or blow-dry, then give the coat another quick brush-through to make it look clean and sleek.

Th only required trimming for a Biewer Terrier is on the ears, the pads of the feet, and around the anus for sanitary purposes; still, many owners give their Biewers special hairstyles. These haircuts can be done at home with practice, but it's recommended that you take your Biewer to a professional groomer at least once. The groomer can demonstrate how to do the proper hairstyle, and provide additional grooming tips as well.

Biewer Terrier Styling & Haircuts

Since this breed is directly descended from the Yorkshire Terrier (and thus has a very similar coat), owners often give their Biewer Terriers Yorkie haircuts. A few of the most popular:

  • Puppy Cut: This "low-maintenance" style on a Biewer is modified somewhat from the typical Puppy Cut. The entire coat is cut to 2-3 inches (which is a little longer than a Puppy Cut on most other breeds). Some owners choose to leave a bit more length on the leg, ear, and facial hair. Can be done at home with a little practice.
  • Westie Cut: This cut sees a Biewer's body and leg hair shaved close (to about half an inch), but the head, ear, and facial hair are left longer, and styled to the owner's specifications; this often includes a lengthy topknot on the head. Probably best done by a groomer.
  • Three-Layer Cut: This exotic style gives a Biewer an "artsy" look. The head, facial, and ear hair are cut to a line at shoulder length; the body hair is cut to a line about two inches from the ground; the leg hair is cut to a line less than an inch from the ground. The overall look gives the coat three distinctive "levels." This style is difficult, and is definitely best done by a groomer.
  • Schnauzer Cut: Makes a Biewer resemble a tiny Schnauzer. The body hair is shaved to about an inch, but the leg hair is left longer, and is sculpted to a "reverse taper." The facial furnishings are left longer, and include a lengthy beard like that of a Schnauzer. Best done by a groomer.

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