Bearded Collie Grooming

Bearded Collies have long been prized for their beautiful, flowing coats. Owners of this breed realize, though, that their dogs' luxurious coats unfortunately don't take care of themselves, but require frequent attention. See below for tips on how to maintain a Bearded Collie coat, and information about popular grooming styles.

Bearded Collie Coat Care

A Bearded Collie's most striking feature, many owners believe, is its thick coat; unfortunately, those owners have also learned that its coat makes Bearded Collie grooming an almost daily task. These dogs' abundant fur collects dirt/debris quite easily (and as sloppy eaters, these Collies get food stuck in their facial hair constantly). Frequent brushing--which can take up to an hour--removes dirt, food, etc., and keeps the fur mat- and tangle-free.

Brush a Bearded Collie at least three times per week. Spray the coat with water or a canine conditioner prior to grooming. Then brush each section of the coat with a large pin brush, going from top to bottom; pay special attention to the hair on the face, ears, and tail. Bathe the dog every 6-8 weeks, and use doggy shampoo (and conditioner, if desired) available from any pet store.

Bearded Collie Styling & Haircuts

Bearded Collies are legendary for their long, luxurious coats--and many owners and groomers alike believe the fur on these dogs should be kept at its full length. Even so, some people choose to have their Bearded Collies shaved in various styles, the most popular of which are described below. (NOTE: A majority of breed enthusiasts recommend having Bearded Collie haircuts done only by professional groomers, as the styling process is too intricate for novices.)

  • Full Cut: This style leaves almost all the length of the coat, and is most often utilized for show dogs. The fur is quite long, parted at the back, and reaches almost to the floor below the body. Very little cutting/trimming is necessary, but this style requires daily brushing to keep the fur tangle-free and flowing.
  • Summer Cut: About one-third of the fur--mainly that on the body--is clipped, making the outline of the body more visible while still retaining much of the length; the hair on the legs, face, and tail are only trimmed slightly. Some owners give their Bearded Collie this cut during the warmer months, and allow the coat to grow back to its full length in the winter.
  • Puppy Cut: A Bearded Collie can also have two-thirds (or more) of its body fur clipped, making it resemble an over-sized puppy. Individual owners can decide precisely what length they prefer; most people also choose to leave the facial furnishings and ears longer. This cut is best for those who don't want to constantly brush their dogs--though brushing at least once a week is still recommended.