Hunting Dog Names

Whether you're planning on getting a hunting dog or want to choose a name that show others your interest in hunting, these names will not let you down. Each of the names below is a perfect name or nickname for any dog.

Name / MeaningGenderLikesAmmoNeutralAntlerNeutralThe branched bony growth on the head of deerArrowNeutralArtemisFemaleAspenNeutralFavored habitat for grouseBarrettMaleBearNeutralBeastNeutralBenelliNeutralGun manufacturerBlackjackMaleA leather covered hand weaponBleatNeutralA sound made by does and fawnsBuckMaleBuckshotNeutralLarge shotgun shell for killing large gameBulletMaleCamoNeutralShort for camouflageChaseMaleConanMaleAs in Conan the BarbarianCooperNeutralA gun manufacturerDakotaNeutralDixieNeutralStrong powerDrakeMaleForrestMaleGaugeNeutralSlang for shotgunGunnerMaleHunterNeutralKillerNeutralAn animal that killsKlondikeNeutralWild fronteir in AlaskaLeadNeutralLeaderMagnumMaleMarlinNeutralA gun manufacturerMontanaNeutralMooseNeutralNoslerNeutralA gun manufacturerPistolNeutralA single handed firearmPredatorMaleRamboMaleRangerMaleReloadNeutralRemingtonMaleRiverNeutralA large body of moving waterRugerMaleSakoNeutralA gun manufacturerSavageNeutralScoutNeutralSilhouetteNeutralA two dimensional decoySniperMaleStalkerNeutralSlow silent pursuit of an animalTimberNeutralA group of trees to be harvested or short for timber wolfTriggerMaleVan HellsingMaleWinchesterMale

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