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Big Dog Names

Not every dog is deserving of a normal name. These big names will let people know that your huge dog means business. Browse the list below to find the perfect big dog name for your canine.

Name / MeaningGenderLikesAchillesMaleThe bravest of greek herosAgrippaNeutralGreek meaning wild horseAliMaleLofty, sublimeAlphaMaleFirst letter of the Greek alphabetAmazonNeutralSecond longest river in the worldAnimalNeutralPet, wild, undomesticatedApolloMaleIn Greek mythology, the god of sun and lightArmageddonMaleThe end of the worldAtillaMaleRuler of the Huns from 434-453 ADAtlasMaleAvalancheNeutralAn overwhelming occurance of somethingAxleMaleShaft that a wheel revolves aroundBarbarianMaleNot belonging to a main civilizationBaronMaleBaronessFemaleBarricadeMaleA barrier that blocks and defendsBearNeutralBeastNeutralBeastieNeutralAn especially dangerous animalBeowulfNeutralA legendary Geatish warriorBerthaFemaleCrude nickname for large strong femalesBlazeNeutralBomberNeutralA person or machine that destroys large areasBoomerNeutralSomething large for its kindBorisMaleBrigadierMaleA high ranking officer in the British armyBruiserNeutralBrunoMaleBullMaleBullyMaleSomeone that uses their strength to intimidate the weakButchMaleCaesarMaleThe title used by Roman emperorsCaptainMaleSomeone in command of a vesselChaosMaleComplete confusion and disorderCherokeeNeutralNative American tribe originally located in the Southeast USColossusNeutralSomething of enormous sizeCommanderMaleSomeone with a position of authorityCommissionerNeutralSomeone with extreme authority over an areaConanMaleA large incredibly strong barbarianCronosMaleThe father of zeusCrushNeutralThe act of smashing an object into a smaller stateCycloneNeutralA large destructive sea stormCzarMaleAn emperor of Russia before 1917DakotaNeutralDaneMaleDanteNeutralSlang for powerful dangerous personDenaliNeutralThe highest mountain in North AmericaDiabloMaleSpanish word meaning DevilDieselMaleDogzillaNeutralA large, powerful, and often destructive dogDozerMaleEmperorMaleA ruler with great power and rankEverestMaleFangNeutralFreedomNeutralNot being enslaved or imprisonedGeneralMaleGenghisMaleGodzillaNeutralA particularly large animal or objectGoliathGothamMaleThe metropolis home to batmanGrizzlyNeutralHannibalMaleThe name of a genius, cannibalistic, villainHavocMaleWidespread destructionHerculesMaleMythical Greek hero known for his great strengthHossMaleHugoMaleSlang name for a male that unintentionally attracts womenHugo BossMaleA popular masculine cologneHulkMaleHummerMaleA large nearly indestructible vehicleHunterNeutralHuntressFemaleA female person or animal that hunts preyJawsMaleJupiterMaleThe largest planet in the solar systemKaiserMaleKhanMaleKillerNeutralA person or animal that kills thingsKingMaleKing KongMaleA giant movie monster resembling a gorillaKlondikeNeutralAn important icy river in the YukonKongMaleKruzerNeutralKryptonMaleThe planet Superman was born onLibertyNeutralThe power to act as one pleasesMachoMaleA male who is aggressively proud in himselfMackMaleMagnumMaleMagnusMaleMajorMaleImportant, serious, or significantMammaFemaleSlang for motherMammothNeutralAn animal or object that is huge in sizeMarmadukeMaleA large dog in a popular comic stripMassimoMaleSlang name for an exceptionally large person or animalMaverickMaleThe location of extremely large dangerous wavesMaxMaleMaximillianMaleMaximusMaleMedusaFemaleMightyMalePossessing great and impressive power and strengthMooseNeutralMr. TMaleAn american actor known for being aggressive and fearlessMufasaMaleThe name given to king lions in Disney's The Lion KingNeroMaleOlympiaOutlawNeutralA fugitive that is generally on the run from law enforcementOxMaleOzarkNeutralThe name of the highlands in the central United StatesPandoraFemaleGreek mythology of a box that contained the evils of the worldPegasusNeutralA winged divine stallionPerseusMaleThe first of the heroes of Greek mythologyPharoahMaleA ruler over ancient EgyptPlutoQuakeMaleRamasesMaleThe most powerful pharaoh of the Egyptian empireRamboMaleRexMaleRockyNeutralSagaNeutralA story of heroic acheivementSamsonMaleSamusFemaleSasquatchNeutralA large hairy creatureShogunMaleThe commander-in-chief in feudal JapanSpartacusMaleA Thracian gladiator who became a powerful slave leaderSpartanMaleAn ancient Grecian often characterized by disciplineStallionMaleA male horse that has not been geldedTankMaleTerminatorMaleA fictional machine given the task to destroyThorMaleThunderMaleA loud rumbling and clashing noise made after lightningTitanMaleTitusMaleThe Roman emperor from 79-81 ADTremorMaleA slight earthquakeTsunamiNeutralA large sea wave caused by an earthquakeUlyssesMaleName of the General that led the North to victory over the SouthVan HelsingMaleThe fictitious character known for hunting vampires and monstersVotanMaleA legendary figure associated with the Maya civilizationXerxesMaleYukonMaleThe Westernmost territory of Canada, famous for cold and goldZeppelinMaleA large German airship used for bombingZeusMaleZillaNeutralSlang for godzilla

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