Sable and White Shetland Sheepdog

Two Color Dog Breeds

These are dog breeds with coats that contain two dominate, yet solid, colors. The color that covers the majority of the coat is normally considered the dominant or base color. The secondary color will usually cover one or more less prominent areas of the coat like the chest, head, neck, and/or saddle.

Any accent colors that may appear on the coat can be ignored as long as the accent coloring doesn't cover a significant portion of the dog. For example, if a tan and black dog has white on her paws and tail she is still considered to have a two-colored coat. Most accent colors will appear on the muzzle, legs, and/or tail, but as long as the accent color does not cover a significant portion of the coat the dog is still considered to be two-colored.

Coat Patterns

Below are the different two-color coat patterns found across all dog breeds.

Click on a pattern below to see pictures of dogs with that coat.