Basset Yorkie Dog Breed

Not much is known yet about the Basset Yorkie, which is a hybrid mix between the Basset Hound and the Yorkshire Terrier. They are medium-sized breeds weighing up to 53.4 pounds with a height of up to 13 inches.

Basset Yorkie Breed Details

Below are the details and facts on the Basset Yorkie breed.

12 - 15 yrs.
8¾ - 13 in.
13¼ - 53½ lbs
OverallFamily FriendlyChild FriendlyPet FriendlyStranger Friendly
Easy to GroomEnergy LevelExercise NeedsHealthShedding Amount
Barks / HowlsEasy to TrainGuard DogPlayfulnessWatch Dog
Apartment DogCan be AloneGood for Busy OwnersGood for New OwnersIntelligence

Basset Yorkie Breed Description

They will likely be friendly and playful with other pets and should not show much prey drive towards smaller household animals. This breed makes a wonderful family pet but because he is medium dog he must be supervised around small children. With an endearing personality and a loving disposition, the Basset Yorkie is a medium-sized dog whose bark is worse than his bite. This breed is very intelligent and loyal, which makes the Basset Yorkie a highly trainable, well-mannered and affectionate companion pet.

While he is affectionate and loves his family, a Basset Yorkie may also be ready to chase smaller animals. He can be playful, energetic, and loving, especially with children. The breed is friendly, playful, and non-aggressive which makes them a good choice for families that enjoy taking their dog places. However, they are not great with young children due to their size and can be a bit jealous with other pets as well. Best in a home in an urban or rural area, he is fine in an apartment as well, as long as he is not left alone for long periods. Early training is essential to ensure the Basset Yorkie is a well-rounded and obedient adult.

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