Quality Dog Breeders

We feel a Quality Breeder is a breeder who sets themselves apart by possessing a level of knowledge, experience, and commitment that goes beyond most breeders. Dog-Learn wants to recognize these breeders for their devotion to the canine world by going above and beyond to make sure future dog generations are healthy and accurately reflect the unique characteristics that make each breed unique.

All Quality Breeders will receive a custom badge from Dog-Learn and will be featured on our site for free to help connect future dog owners with experienced breeders. There is no fee or application process to become a Quality Breeder, instead the breeder must either be recommended by a customer or discovered by a Dog-Learn team member. Each Quality Breeder is manually reviewed and contacted by Dog-Learn to verify their experience.

Quality Breeder Requirements

All Quality Breeders must meet the following requirements:

1) Must have at least 4 years breeding experience

This shows the breeder is familiar with the entire breeding process. We may make special exceptions for unusually rare breeds (e.g. Foundation Stock Service breeds).

2) Must have 6 years experience with the breed

We want to make sure the breeder has experience with the breed other than for breeding purposes. Again, we may make special exceptions for unusually rare breeds.

3) Must pass our "Negative" background check

We independently research each breeder by both business name and breeder name to see if there is any evidence of a negative business history. We take many things into consideration including the age of the feedback, the breeder's response, if the breeder or owner would be at fault, the type of issue, etc.

4) Must provide medical records before pickup

The breeder must supply the medical records of each puppy to new owners in an organized manner.

5) Provides a health guarantee*

In our experience, breeders that provide health guarantees have gone through the effort and costs to have the full health history of both parent breeds, for one or more generations, evaluated to see if there are risks for future generations developing health issues.

*Not all breeds have the same health guarantee requirement. Each dog breed is different and some breeds have a higher risk of genetic diseases or inherited health issues than others. Because of this, a health guarantee may not be required for dog breeds that are rare or breeds that have a low risk of of inheriting health issues.

6) Must provide one or more "above and beyond" services

We consider anything a breeder does that is not required, but improves the offspring's health, demeanor, or well-being as an "above or beyond" service. This can include things like making sure a puppy has their favorite toy when they leave, a blanket with a familiar scent to ease stress of a new home, or even removing dewclaws that may lead to medical issues. We feel that these type services indicate a breeder values the wellbeing of the offspring more than the time and expense this may cost.

7) Must have their own website

We feel that breeders with their own domain make it easier for people find and evaluate. Facebook accounts and other free blog-type websites are helpful, but can remain active for several years after a breeder has stopped breeding.

8) Must be reachable by email

Emails are easy to send and provide physical proof of a conversation that you can reference in the future. We send each breeder an email with a few questions about their services to make sure the email address is in use and that the breeder responds.

Disclaimer - Please note that Dog-Learn.com is not endorsed or affiliated with any of the Quality Breeders we may feature on our website. While we put forth a good-faith effort to only recognize reputable and established breeders, we do not provide any guarantees for the level of service you may receive. As a buyer it is your responsibility to thoroughly research each breeder to verify their experience as well as the authenticity, health, and bloodlines of the parent generations.