Privacy Policy

Last Updated: January 3, 2020 realizes that you and other visitors may want to know how our website handles the information about your visit. This page represents's privacy policy and explains how our website gathers and uses information.

Information You Share With Us
We receive certain information from your browser when you interact with our site. This information is sent each time you visit a page or use a feature on Dog-Learn that requires submitting a request to our servers. We also receive data from you when you actively interact with our site (e.g. send us a message, vote for a breed, etc.).
Data collected when errors occur
We try to keep Dog-Learn fast and error free, but sometimes a page or feature may not work and it causes an issue. When this happens we collect information about the error.
Why We Use This Data
Errors can be hard to find. Sometimes an error only occurs at a specific time of day, on specific device, on a specific page. So we log each error to make it easy to find and fix so visitors can get back to browsing Dog-Learn.
What Data is Collected
Device type(e.g. tablet, desktop, mobile) This helps us figure out if the issue occurs on one type of device or on all device types.
IP addressWe use this to estimate the number of devices the issue occurred on.
Country code(e.g. US, UK, AU) This helps us determine if the error is occurring on a server in a specific country or across multiple countries.
How We Handle the Data
Our error logs are stored in a secure database until we review the error. Once we review the error all the data is permanently deleted. Most errors are reviewed and deleted within a few days, but sometimes it can take a few months for us to successfully solve the bug.
Data collected when privacy settings are updated
If you opt-in/out of one or more of the services in your privacy settings, we save your preferences so they are remembered on future visits and for legal reasons
Why We Use This Data
We use this data to remember what your preferences are for future visits so you do not have to re-confirm every time you visit a page. We are also required by law to keep a record of your consent for GDPR compliance whenever you give or decline consent to using cookies on our site.
What Data is Collected
Device typeDatabase(e.g. tablet, desktop, mobile) This helps us verify privacy settings are correct for all device types.
IP addressDatabaseThis is required for GDPR compliance.
Country codeDatabase(e.g. US, UK, AU) This helps us determine which privacy rules need to be addressed.
PreferenceDatabase, CookieThis helps us remember the privacy setting you specified.
MessageDatabaseThe message you were displayed before submitting your privacy settings. This is required for GDPR compliance.
What Cookies are Used
Cookie NameProviderExpires AfterDescription
dogLearn_cookieConsentdog-learn.com365 days or 31 daysUsed to remember your privacy settings for future visits.
How We Handle the Data
Our consent logs are stored in a secure database and your consent preferences are stored in a dogLearn_cookieConsent cookie on your device. The cookie will automatically be deleted after 365 days. If you specified your privacy settings via an AMP request, your cookie will be deleted after 31 days.
Data collected when you cast a vote
Some pages may have 'vote' or 'like' features. For example, you can like one or more pet names on pages that suggest names for dogs. When you cast a vote, we record your submission.
Why We Use This Data
We use this data to keep count of which items have the most votes (e.g. for popularity) and to prevent users from voting for the same item multiple times.
What Data is Collected
IP addressWe use this to remember what you voted for so people can't vote for the same item multiple times.
How We Handle the Data
We save the vote history in a secure database. We may occasionally re-calculate the vote counts to display which item is most popular to our visitors.
Data collected when you submit forms
Some pages allow you to submit suggestions or content to Dog-Learn. If you send us content or suggestions we may record the information you send.
Why We Use This Data
We are always trying to improve Dog-Learn so any data people send us to improve our content is kept so we can make sure your experience is positive.
What Data is Collected
IP addressDatabaseWe use this to for security purposes to prevent repeat submits.
ContentDatabase or EmailThis can include checkboxes, text inputs, fields, and attachments.
How We Handle the Data
Depending on the subject, we may store the submitted content in a secure database or send the content via a secure email to admin.
3rd Party Cookies
Google Analytics
Dog-Learn uses Google Analytics to analyze web traffic and to help understand how visitors use our site. Google Analytics uses cookies and browser information to collect details about your visit such as visited pages, visit duration, device, and geographic location. Our site also uses Google's Advertising Feature service to help us understand how visitors interact with advertisements on our site. This service collects additional details about your visit for Google Analytics including browsing habits and demographic data.
Why We Use This Data
We use this data to better understand how visitors use our site.
Opt-out Information
You can prevent to the collection of data via Google Analytics by using one of the following methods. Note - by disabling cookies you may not be able to use all the features of this site.
Helpful links to understand more about Google's data usage
Google Advertising Cookies may display third party advertisements within the content of some of our pages. Third party vendors, such as Google, use cookies to serve ads based on a user's previous visit history. Google's use of advertising cookies enables it and its partners to serve ads based on your visit to Dog-Learn and/or from other sites on the internet. You may opt out of personalized advertising by adjusting your Ads Settings or by opting out of specific third-party vendor's use of cookies by going to

Dog-Learn may display Google Ads from third-party vendors or ad networks. You may opt-out of specific third-party vendor's by going to
Helpful links on Google Advertising
Accessing & Controlling Your Data
Accessing Your Data
You have the right to access and control any personal data collected from you by Dog-Learn. Use the area below to search our records for any personal data that was shared by you on this visit or any previous visits to dog-learn.

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Updating Your Privacy Settings
You may update your privacy settings at any time by using the options below.

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