Segugio Italiano Dog Breed

Segugio Italiano Walking in the Grass
  • Other names:
  • Italian Segugio
  • Segugio
  • Italian Hound

The Segugio Italiano is a scenthound bred specifically for the purpose of hunting hare and wild boar. They make great companions for those that are hunters or enjoy outdoor endurance exercises. Members of this breed are good additions to a household with multiple dogs or with children. They will be calm and easy to live with indoors and will be energetic and active outdoors. Segugios are low maintenance when it comes to grooming and they can be easily trained if the owner is firm and consistent. Members of this breed need daily outdoor exercise in the form of long walks, jogs, hunting games and general outdoor playtime. Fortunately, they are a robust, healthy breed that generally lives 10-14 years without major health issues.

Segugio Italiano Breed Details

Breed Specs
Purebred10-14 yrs.19-23 in.39-62 lbs
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Below are the details and specs for the Segugio Italiano dog breed.

Segugio Italiano Breed Description

These medium sized dogs typically weigh 39-62 pounds. Males will be around 20-23 inches and females 19-22 inches at the shoulder.

Segugio Italianos are calm family companions indoors and active, agile exercise partners outdoors. They get along well with other dogs but likely have natural hunting (or at least strong curiosity) instincts towards small non-canine pets.

Segugio Italiano Breed History

The Segugio Italiano is said to be descended from the domesticated hounds of ancient Egypt. Through travel and conquest, this breed made its way to Italy and further developed into the ideal type it is today. They have remained remarkably unchanged, at least over the last 4-5 centuries, and are depicted "as is" in artworks circa 1600.

Segugio Italiano Appearance

At first glance, the Segugio Italiano is readily distinguishable as a long domesticated hound. They are square-shaped, robust in regards to muscle and bone, yet very lean. The muzzle is half the length of the head and, notably, on a different axis that the skull; this quality of appearing convex at the top is referred to as a "roman nose" and gives certain breeds a unique look. The head is oval shaped with a large black nose and large, almond shaped eyes that are an earthy yellowish-brown (ochre) that give them a soft expression. Standards for the ears are quite particular, they must be around 70% the length of the head and start at the height of the cheek, hanging broad and triangular, tapering to a point. Segugio Italianos have tight skin with no dewlap and the coat is dense, short and smooth. Tails reach nearly to the hock joint and maintain their size until the very tip, which tapers quickly. The FCI standard also notes they have a "deep and pleasant bark".

Segugio Italiano Coloring

Solid fawn Segugios can range from light fawn to reddish fawn and may have white marking that are undesirable in showdogs. These white markings may be on many areas of the body including: the muzzle, skull, chest, neck, the legs and feet and the tip of the tail. There are also black and tan coats that are deemed "tricolor" if they have a white patch on the chest. The tan markings on this breed should appear on the muzzle, chest, above the eyes, under the tail, and on the legs and feet.

Segugio Italiano Size

Segugio Italianos are considered medium sized dogs. Males are 20.5-23 inches at the shoulders and females are around 19-22 inches. Weight for this breed falls somewhere between 39-62 pounds.

Average Adult Height

19-23 in
*Height is measured in inches from the front paws to the top of the shoulder while the dog is standing on all four legs.

Average Adult Weight

39-62 lbs

Segugio Italiano Temperament

Members of this breed are very adaptable and eager to please, especially while doing their favorite activity, hunting. They are suited to many different types of lands and can work alone or in a "pack". Indoors they will be gentle and easy to get along with, while outdoors they will be energetic and curious. These dogs make excellent companions for hunters and other outdoorsy types. They are not a difficult breed to train, however, from puppyhood you must assert yourself firmly and consistently as the leader of the pack.

Segugio Italiano and Children

This breed gets along well with children, especially children that are able to appropriately handle a pet. Socialize and train your puppy from a young age for the best outcome.

Segugio Italiano and Other Pets

Segugio Italianos are able to hunt in packs, so they have a natural inclination to get along well with other dogs. Smaller pets may be a different story, however, as they have extensive histories as hunting dogs for rabbits and will likely retain high prey drives even if not a hunting companion.

Segugio Italiano and Strangers

The Segugio should not be aggressive towards strangers. They may give their characteristic deep bark to alert you of their presence though.

Segugio Italiano Photos

Below are pictures and images of the Segugio Italiano.

Fawn Segugio Italiano
Fawn Segugio Italiano
Segugio Italiano Outside
Segugio Italiano Outside
Segugio Italiano Walking in the Grass

Segugio Italiano Maintenance

Members of this breed are low maintenance in regards to grooming, and their coat needs more than an occasional brushing. They do need daily outdoor exercise in the form of long brisk walks, jogs and outdoor playtime in a fenced yard. They do enjoy being around their owner for at least part of the day and aren't happy or productive when left alone for long periods of time.Training a Segugio is doable by a first time owner, however, make sure to focus firm, consistent commands; it is important for these dogs to see you as the leader of the pack.

Grooming Requirements

The coat of the Segugio Italiano requires little grooming. A weekly brushing can help remove dead hairs and bathing can be done as you deem it necessary. Owner's should have a regular schedule for checking to see if the nails need to be trimmed or the ears and teeth need to be cleaned.

Exercise Requirements

Members of this breed are natural hunters, built for speed and endurance. They need daily outdoor exercise in the form of long walks, jogs or hunting activities (if you're a sportsman). Ideally, you will have a yard for them to get some outdoor playtime. These dogs should be kept leashed in while not in enclosed areas as they were bred to hunt and chase small animals.

Living Requirements

These dogs can live either indoors or out as long as they receive plenty of attention and outdoor exercise.

Temperature Range

Due to the short coat, this breed will likely thrive in most environments except for those very cold.

Segugio Italiano Health

Segugio Italianos are a robust, healthy breed with no well documented health issues. They will likely live 10-14 years and routine checkups at your veterinarian's office should help prevent and detect possible problems.

Segugio Italiano Breed Recognition

The following dog breed registries and organizations recognize the Segugio Italiano as a dog breed:

  • Dog Registry of America Inc.
  • Federation Cynologique Internationale
  • United Kennel Club