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White & Fawn Miniature English Bulldog
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The Miniature English Bulldog is neither a hybrid nor a full breed; they are interbred down for size. They have a history but then again they don't; they are not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) but they are much the same as an English Bulldog — just smaller. They will be less than the AKC weight standard (there is no AKC height standard), but they will be no less loveable, friendly and playful! While they will be very small when born, there is always the chance they may grow to be a standard-size English Bulldog, and that not all of them will be Minis even those in the same litter.

Miniature English Bulldog Breed Details

Breed Specs
Purebred10-12 yrs.10-13½ in.20-49 lbs
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Below are details and specs for the Miniature English Bulldog breed.

Miniature English Bulldog Breed Description

While there is no standard size and weight for Miniature English Bulldogs, they do tend to have an informal limit implicitly handed down by the AKC's standard of "regular" English Bulldogs, and so most breeders have accepted that a female Mini is not more than 39 pounds and the male is less than 49 pounds. There is no AKC standard regarding height, however, and again there is an informal acceptance: they should stand no more than 13.5 inches tall.

Your Miniature English Bulldog should get along swell with children and strangers alike, but with other dogs they may be wary or even pushy.

Grooming is the easiest part of living with a Miniature English Bulldog; he will love the attention, and you may brush him more than his coat really requires. On the other hand, keeping him healthy will almost certainly require much more work as he may be resistant to exercise and is prone to a lot of diseases and other health concerns.

Miniature English Bulldog Breed History

The Miniature English Bulldog is a conundrum: he is neither a pure breed nor a hybrid, and he has a long, rich history and essentially no history. How is this? you may ask. It is because the Miniature English Bulldog is not cross-bred with any other dog (such as the merely named Miniature Bulldog — a hybrid produced from cross-breeding the English Bulldog with a Pug) but is simply bred down for size. They are also neither runts (which can be deliberately produced from starving the pup-to-be in utero) nor dwarfs (which have genital birth defects) but very small English Bulldogs that are not recognized by the AKC despite coming from AKC-recognized English Bulldogs.

Miniature English Bulldogs remain, essentially, English Bulldogs and thus share a history. The English Bulldog — also called the British Bulldog or just a Bulldog — has its origin in England from when Mastiffs were cross-bred with Pugs. They formally acquired the name Bulldog in 1568, and they were bred for bull- and bear-baiting, a bloodsport that remained popular for a few centuries until the former was outlawed in 1835 (in England) and the latter became prohibitively expensive. During the remainder of the 19th century and into the 20th, English Bulldogs were cross-bred and interbred to attenuate their ferocity and produce the lovable, jovial and highly tolerant breed we know today, and those charming characteristics continue to be passed down to Miniature English Bulldogs.

Miniature English Bulldog Appearance

Like a typical English Bulldog, the Mini has a broad, large head that nearly seems out of proportion to the body; huge, loose folds of skin that should not be excessively wrinkled; and a broad, stocky body that is somewhat low to the ground. The coat is smooth and short, and the tail is short, thick and stocky.

Miniature English Bulldog Coloring

The Miniature English Bulldog comes in a variety of coat colors including brown, white, red, fawn, greyish black or pied (of any of these two colors).

Miniature English Bulldog Size

Female Miniature English Bulldogs are usually no more than 39 pounds and male Minis are generally accepted so long as they are under 49 pounds. Although there is no AKC standard regarding the height of English Bulldogs, the Mini tends to be no taller than about 13.5 inches tall; males and females are the same despite differences in weight.

Average Adult Height

10-13½ in
*Height is measured in inches from the front paws to the top of the shoulder while the dog is standing on all four legs.

Average Adult Weight

20-49 lbs

Miniature English Bulldog Temperament

Miniature English Bulldogs are very affectionate, wonderfully loyal and rather extroverted — and they love attention. Still they can also be stubborn, a bit messy (especially when eating, drinking and sleeping) and difficult to train. It's best to use patience, persistence and firmness early on to make them understand that you are the pack leader lest they push you about and ignore your commands. As they are eager to please, they can be led to understand soon enough who is the alpha. They may not understand that they are small dogs, and they may slobber, drool and snore, but it is not difficult at all to love them endlessly!

Miniature English Bulldog and Children

Kids will love the family's Miniature English Bulldog, and the love will be returned in droves. As they are very small dogs, however, children must be taught to be gentle, and the dogs should be socialized very early to make sure that their well-known tolerance remains so.

Miniature English Bulldog and Other Pets

Other pets may be approached with some trepidation by your Miniature English Bulldog; as these small dogs have a big attitude, a desire to dominate may raise its big head. Be sure to train and socialize them very early on so that such behavior can be quickly recognized and curbed.

Miniature English Bulldog and Strangers

The Miniature English Bulldog is not much of a barker, and when strangers approach, he may insist on being friends more than anything else.

Miniature English Bulldog Photos

Below are pictures and images of the Miniature English Bulldog.

White & Fawn Miniature English Bulldog
White & Fawn Miniature English Bulldog

Miniature English Bulldog Maintenance

Expect your Miniature English Bulldog to be at least a moderate-maintenance dog. Grooming is the easiest aspect, exercise can be a bit more difficult (on and off) but perhaps the most arduous part is the health due to the many concerns they may have or get.

Grooming Requirements

With her smooth, short-haired coat that should shed only a modest amount, the Miniature English Bulldog is very easy to groom; a firm bristle brush is best. Be sure to wipe her face with a damp cloth daily so as to keep the wrinkles clean and free of food and debris.

Exercise Requirements

While grooming should be no problem, getting your Miniature English Bulldog to exercise daily may be more of a chore. They are very active when young, but they can also be a bit headstrong and resist their daily walks. As they age, they slow down noticeably but will not be any less stubborn. In any case, they need exercise and you should be ready to be patient but firm when (and not so much if!) they refuse.

Living Requirements

Miniature English Bulldogs will love apartment life, and this can be both good and bad: they will lie around unless they want attention but they need their exercise and will sometimes have to be prodded a bit.

Temperature Range

Your Miniature English Bulldog won't do well in extreme climates due to his very short muzzle, a feature which prevents hot and cold air from cooling down and warming up, respectively, as it enters his lungs. As such, he can quickly become cold or overheated if not in a temperate zone.

Miniature English Bulldog Health

Since they are not cross-bred but merely interbred down for size, Miniature English Bulldogs are not much different than standard English Bulldogs when it comes to health problems — and they tend to have many issues. Some of the many problems they may develop are cardiovascular conditions, heart disease, dermatological problems (due to excessive skin folds), endocrine diseases, thyroid ailments, respiratory problems, gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal conditions, poor eyesight, genetic dwarfism, tumors, deafness, a very active digestive system (i.e., excessive flatulence) and renal, urinary, and reproductive disorders.

If kept healthy and happy and regularly checked by a vet, however, your male Miniature English Bulldog should be expected to live about 10-12 years; females tend to live longer.

Miniature English Bulldog Breed Recognition

The following dog breed registries and organizations recognize the Miniature English Bulldog as a dog breed:

  • Dog Registry of America Inc.
  • American Canine Association, Inc.