Havapoo Dog Breed

  • Other names:
  • Poovanese
  • Island Mini Doodle

The Havapoo, also known as the Poovanese, is a hybrid dog which is bred by crossing a Poodle with a Havanese. As a hybrid the Havapoo will inherit the physical and behavioral traits of both the Poodle and Havanese breeds. Not all individuals will inherit the same characteristics (even if from the same litter). It is recommended to familiarize yourself with both the Havanese and the Poodle if you are planning on adopting a Havapoo as the breed can have more characteristics of one parent breed than the other.

This breed is known for being sociable, intelligent, and low maintenance. It is a very small sized breed with a long, curly, hypoallergenic coat and dark button eyes. These dogs will require a minimal amount of grooming and little effort when it comes to exercise--they can expend a lot of energy running around indoors. Havapoos are easy to train and very willing to please their owner. These dogs are wonderful with people of all ages. It is a very popular breed among elderly couples and families with small children.

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Havapoo Breed Details

Breed Specs
Hybrid12-15 yrs.8-12 in.12-20 lbs
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Below are the details and specs for the Havapoo breed:

Havapoo Breed Description

The Havapoo is a toy sized breed. An adult Havapoo will weigh between 7-15 pounds and stand 9-12 inches tall from ground to shoulder. Their size makes them rather fragile, however they are great for apartment living and owners without the means to care for a large dog.

These dogs are typically quite friendly and playful. They are known to be gentle with children and should get along with other pets if properly socialized and trained. Due to their small size and their benign attitude, you can leave Havapoos alone with children without concern.

This breed is easy to take care of, very low maintenance. Their non-shedding coat should be brushed once or twice a week to remove dead hairs, and their exercise needs can be met with indoor playtime or a short walk.

Havapoo Breed History

The Havapoo is a fairly new dog breed and because of this the breed does not have a very detailed history. It is likely that the Havapoo was first intentionally bred in the past few decades as the popularity of designer hybrid dogs increased. This breed is recognized by the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club) under the name Poovanese.

Havapoo Appearance

As a crossbreed, the Havapoo will inherit physical traits from both parent breeds. Not all Havapoos will inherit the same traits which means some Havapoos may have more Havanese characteristics, others may have more Poodle characteristics, and some may show a mix of both parent breeds.

The Havapoo's coat is hypoallergenic, long, and curly or wavy like the Poodle's. Their small frame is rectangular and somewhat squat due to their short legs. Their head is small and often covered in long hair, giving them a sort of old, whiskered look. Their ears are soft and floppy, falling down towards the cheek, and their eyes are round and dark.

Havapoo Coloring

This breed can come in a wide variety of colors. The most common are black, white, brown, light brown, and cream. A combination of white and any of the other colors is also very common.

Havapoo Size

Havapoos are very small dogs that should never outgrow being able to be picked up or held in the lap. An adult Havapoo will be 7 - 13 pounds and will reach 9 - 12 inches in height. This makes them ideal for small living environments.

Average Adult Height

8-12 in
*Height is measured in inches from the front paws to the top of the shoulder while the dog is standing on all four legs.

Average Adult Weight

12-20 lbs

Havapoo Temperament

The temperament of the Havapoo is dependent on the behavioral traits inherited from its parents. Some Havapoos will inherit traits from the Poodle, others the Havanese, and some will have a mix of behaviors inherited from both parent breeds.

These dogs are known to be exceptionally friendly and playful. They will never fail to greet their owner(s) with enthusiasm and joy. They are intelligent dogs, and very willing to please, making them easy to train and teach tricks. Positive reinforcement works very well--Havapoos are very sensitive to tone of voice. They will get along well with people of all ages and should not have a problem with other pets, though socialization from a young age is recommended. The more people this dog meets at a young age, the more accustomed it will be to new faces. Otherwise this dog is apt to bark at strangers, but will not present any sort of intimidating threat. All of these qualities make for a fantastic family dog or an affectionate companion.

Havapoo and Children

Havapoos are known to be good dogs for families with children. They are playful and non-aggressive, and their small size makes them suitable for play time with the kids, though some owners recommend supervision to prevent the Havapoo from being harmed by the children.

Havapoo and Other Pets

Havapoos are good natured with other pets, especially if they have been socialized from a young age. These dogs are very social and may pester a lazy cat or dog in their desire for play, but they will of course not pose any kind of threat.

Havapoo and Strangers

Havapoos should be fairly friendly with strangers, especially if they see that their owner approves of them. These dogs are not capable of guarding a house--they may not bark at a stranger, and even if they do, they won't be scaring anyone.

Havapoo Photos

Below are pictures of the Havapoo dog breed.

White And Black Havapoo
Havapoo Dog Breed
Poovanese (Havapoo)
Poovanese (Havapoo)

Havapoo Maintenance

You can expect the Havapoo to be a low maintenance dog breed. They will need a small amount of brushing, and their exercise load is light.

Grooming Requirements

The Havapoo has a hypoallergenic non-shedding coat that won't require much maintenance. Brushing once or twice a week should be enough. Bathing should be done once every month or two to ward off infections.

Exercise Requirements

The Havapoo is a fairly energetic breed, though it is active indoors and will not require a great deal of outdoor exercise. A short daily walk should be more than enough, and if a day needs to be skipped, the Havapoo will be fine with some indoor play.

Living Requirements

The Havapoo can adapt to a wide variety of environments. They can call somewhere home whether it's an apartment or a large house. This breed is especially suitable for small locations due to its small size. If these dogs are kept in a more rural area, it is wise to keep them fenced in to keep them safe from predators and to minimize the risk of escape.

Temperature Range

Havapoos can tolerate a wide range of temperatures making them suitable for most climates, though it should spend much time outside when it is unusually warm or cold.

Havapoo Health

As a hybrid dog breed, the Havapoo will have more genetic diversity than most purebred breeds which helps with the breed's health and hardiness. There are no known hereditary issues with this breed. A Havapoo with a healthy diet and a proper amount of exercise will live between 10 and 13 years.

Below are the most common health issues associated with the breed:

  • Cataracts
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Legg-perthes Disease
  • Patellar Luxation
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Havapoo Breed Recognition

The following dog breed registries and organizations recognize the Havapoo as a dog breed:

  • American Canine Hybrid Club
  • Designer Breed Registry
  • Designer Dogs Kennel Club
  • Dog Registry of America Inc.
  • International Designer Canine Registry

Havapoo Breeders

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