Doxle Dog Breed

Red Doxle
  • Other names:
  • Beaschund

What do you get when you cross a purebred Dachshund and a purebred Beagle? Possibly one of the cutest, gentlest, well-mannered mixes around-- the Doxle. This breed is an excellent addition to any household that can make sure he gets enough outdoor exercise each day. Other than that, he is fairly low maintenance, easy to train and will be friendly to children, other pets and strangers alike! These sweethearts make versatile companions and have hunting and watchdog instincts. They can live either indoors or out and are not an overly needy breed. We recommend reading up on both parent breeds before adopting or purchasing a hybrid.

Doxle Breed Details

Breed Specs
Hybrid12-14 yrs.9-11 in.20-30 lbs
  • Friendliness
  • Overall
  • Family Friendly
  • Kid Friendly
  • Pet Friendly
  • Stranger Friendly
  • Maintenance
  • Easy to Groom
  • Energy Level
  • Exercise Needs
  • General Health
  • Shedding Amount
  • Behavior
  • Barks / Howls
  • Easy to Train
  • Guard Dog
  • Playfulness
  • Watch Dog
  • Ownership
  • Apartment Friendly
  • Can Be Alone
  • Good for Busy Owners
  • Good for Novice Owners
  • Intelligence
* The more green the stronger the trait.

Dachshunds and Beagles both have history as hunting dogs, so it is likely your hybrid pup will retain some of these natural instincts. Doxles, themselves, are versatile sweethearts that can live indoors (even an apartment) or in a fenced yard-- as long as they get the required daily exercise! While a nice yard is not necessary, it would definitely be a plus. They are great choices for people that are routinely out of the house for work, school, etc. as they don't need constant attention.


  • Excellent for families of any age
  • Social with other pets
  • Can live indoors or out
  • Will be ok if left alone in moderation
  • Friendly toward guests and strangers
  • Can be an exercise buddy
  • Easy training


  • May retain hunting/chasing instincts towards small animals
  • Barks frequently
  • Not a guard dog
  • Parent breeds not hypoallergenic
  • Must have daily outdoor playtime (at least 1 hr)

Doxle Breed Description

Doxles, as hybrid dogs, will inherit characteristics from both parents but not always equally. We recommend prospective owners read up on the traits of both the Dachshund and Beagle before adopting one of these mixes. The following information for the Dachshund-Beagle mix can be supplemented by visiting our parent breed pages.

This breed is smart and alert. These traits, combined with their energetic natures, make training fairly simple. Some individuals will be more stubborn than others but, overall, training will be manageable for a first time owner. These curious guys will want to stop and smell everything as well as probably bark at it too! Early training can keep these behaviors from getting out of control.

You may be hard pressed to find a hybrid that comes from such good-natured breeds. Doxles are happy, loving and social. Although they are alert and make excellent watch dogs, they will likely be friendly towards strange people and animals alike. They are very social with other dogs but, due to their hunting instincts, may need extra training to not run off chasing cats and small critters. These sweet, attention loving playmates are gentle enough for kids of any age and will play all day if allowed.

Doxles must have enough playtime outdoors every day. A short walk probably won't do it for them; not only might they become obese but also bored and destructive. The are energetic and playful, plus social and friendly, so a good romp in the yard with other dogs or a trip to the dog park will make them very happy. Members of this breed enjoy toys, hunting games, and training (tricks, commands, etc). Also, it they may be able to accompany you with normal exercise such as walking, jogging or hiking.

Doxle Coloring

Doxles exist in several different colors, and the coats can be solid or mixed; colors include

  • black
  • red
  • black and tan
  • black and white

Some Dachshund-Beagle mixes have "dapple" fur, where two colors are closely mixed instead of patchy (similar to the "salt and pepper" hair of a human).

Doxle Size

Both parent breeds are small-medium sized dogs so you can expect the Beagle x Dachshund mix to also be small-medium. Depending upon the size of the parents the height and weight of your Doxle may fall outside predicted ranges. Average size is 9-11 inches and 20-30 pounds, and they typically do not exceed 30 pounds or 15 inches in height.

Average Adult Height

9-11 in
*Height is measured in inches from the front paws to the top of the shoulder while the dog is standing on all four legs.

Average Adult Weight

20-30 lbs

Doxle Variations

Different generations of Beagle Dachshund crosses, especially the first few generations, vary quite a bit from one individual to the next. If you have particular traits in mind for your Doxle, you may want to discuss with a breeder about generational differences. F1 Doxles are simply crosses between purebred Beagles and purebred Dachshunds. An F1B is when a breeder mates one of the F1's with either a purebred Beagle or Dachshund (depending upon which traits that want to increase). F2s are created by crossing two F1 Doxles. F3's are the product of two F2 dogs and this continues in a similar manner.

There are Miniature Dachshunds and Beagles so it is likely you will be able to find breeders who specialize in these "Minis". Be careful, however, often times puppies that have been bred down in size come with many additional health issues.

The length of the coat is also a facet of this breed that many owners have a preference of. There are both long haired Dachshund Beagle mixes and short haired ones. If you prefer the long haired variety, search for a puppy that had a long haired Dachshund as one of the parents.

Doxle Temperament

Gentle, loving, playful, intelligent, and curious, the Doxle is a hybrid that is easygoing, even-tempered, and tends to lead with its nose -- literally. Since both its parent breeds are highly inquisitive, the Beagle-Dachshund mix temperament is one of perpetual curiosity; these dogs will spend much of their time sniffing any- and everything. Doxles are loyal, people-pleasing little pets that thrive on affection (both given and received), so they will be fantastic additions to families of any size. They do, however; like to chew and dig, and their instinctively high prey drives make them tend to chase small pets like cats, so they may need a bit of obedience training as puppies.

The good news, though, is that these dogs typically respond very well to training. Their intelligence and people-pleasing natures make Doxles willing to learn, and most dogs of this breed will learn tricks and commands pretty easily. While some Doxles may have a bit of a stubborn streak, this can usually be overcome with consistent training techniques.

Unfortunately, Doxles tend to bark a good bit -- but this makes them excellent watchdogs, as they will sound a vocal alarm when presented with strange sights or sounds (or smells!).

Doxle Photos

Below are pictures and images of the Doxle dog breed.

Red Doxle
Black & White Doxle

Doxle Health

A cross between a Dachshund and Beagle should produce puppies that develop fewer health problems than their purebred parents, especially first generation crosses. Choosing a reputable breeder that offers a health guarantee, along with routine check ins at your veterinarian should help prevent and/or detect many conditions. On average, Doxles live between 12-14 years.

A few common ailments that can be passed down from their purebred parents include:

  • Risk of obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Risk of Ear Infections
  • Disk (Spinal) problems if the Dachshund body type is inherited

This is not a complete list and we recommend visiting both parent breed pages for a total list of health issues that can possibly be passed through each parent.

  • Canine Diabetes Mellitus
  • Ear Infections
  • Epilepsy
  • Intervertebral Disk Disease
  • Obesity
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
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Doxle Breed Recognition

The following dog breed registries and organizations recognize the Doxle as a dog breed:

  • American Canine Hybrid Club
  • Designer Breed Registry
  • Designer Dogs Kennel Club
  • International Designer Canine Registry