Cavapoo Grooming

Cavapoo Grooming

Cavapoos are generally considered high maintenance dogs due to their grooming requirements. Even though the breed doesn't shed, their coat requires frequent care to keep it looking healthy. This page goes over how to take care of the cavapoo and what needs to be done to properly groom the breed.

How to Groom A Cavapoo

The cavapoo's coat requires more attention than most dogs. This is because cavapoos can inherit the poodle's hair coat which, while ideal for allergy sufferers, can become tangled and knotted unless properly cared for.

It is recommended to start grooming your cavapoo regularly while they are still young before their adult coat comes in. Not only will this give you an opportunity to bond with your dog, but puppy coats are easier to groom so it will help your cavapoo get used to the grooming process at an early age.


A simple two-sided brush (a pin and bristle brush) is one of the best brushes for grooming your cavapoo. The metal side can be used for getting out minor tangles, while the soft side will smooth and style the coat. You will need to brush your cavapoo multiple times a week to keep their coat soft and free of tangles. You will also need to brush your cavapoo after bathing as their hair can become frizzy and increase the chances for future tangles.

  • Brush small sections at a time. Start with a small area (such as the head or foot) and work you way from there to cover the rest of the body.
  • Be gentle. It can be uncomfortable for your cavapoo if you brush too vigorously.
  • Always brush your cavapoo after baths before their coat is dry. A cavapoos coat can frizz and knot if they are not brushed after bathing.
  • A good rule of thumb is if your cavapoo's coat is difficult to brush, you are not brushing frequently enough. A well-groomed cavapoo should have a soft easy to brush coat.

Getting Out Tangles

You should use a metal comb with wide teeth to get out tangles and knots in your cavapoo's fur. The wide teeth make it easier to work out the tangles and the metal comb prevents any teeth from bending or breaking (which is common with plastic combs. You can also get a de-matting comb which is designed for the same purpose.

Plucking Ears

Hair will grow inside the ears of your cavapoo, which can lead to ear infections and may eventually cause sinus issues. To prevent this your groomer will need to pluck all the hairs from inside the ears.

Cutting Nails

If your cavapoo walks frequently on cement or any other hard rough surface, their nails may not need to be cut. However, most cavapoos will need their nails to be cut or trimmed back. This can be done at home or by a a professional if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself. You will need a good pair of dog nail clippers to do this.

Cavapoo Haircuts

If you've never had experience grooming a dog before, it will be best if you take your cavapoo to an experienced groomer. Once you've found the groomer to use, you will want to consider the following:

Tell Your Groomer What You Want - Since the cavapoo is a hybrid dog, there is no standard cut for the breed. Because of this, very few groomers will know how to style the cut. It is up to you to clearly express how you want your cavapoo's coat to be cut. It is recommended to take at least one photo of a dog with the exact same hair style/cut that you want your dog to have.