Arubian Cunucu Dog Breed


Arubian Cunucus, as the name implies, are dogs originating from the island of Aruba. The name "Cunucu" translates to countryside and these are very common (and some consider nuisance) dogs that can vary greatly in appearance. This breed is a rare find outside Aruba and many contest whether it is a breed at all. What we do know about the Cunucu is that they are friendly towards people and get along well in packs.

Arubian Cunucu Dog Breed Details

Breed Specs
Purebred12-15 yrs.16-20 in.26-40 lbs
  • Friendliness
  • Overall
  • Family Friendly
  • Kid Friendly
  • Pet Friendly
  • Stranger Friendly
  • Maintenance
  • Easy to Groom
  • Energy Level
  • Exercise Needs
  • General Health
  • Shedding Amount
  • Behavior
  • Barks / Howls
  • Easy to Train
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  • Playfulness
  • Watch Dog
  • Ownership
  • Apartment Friendly
  • Can Be Alone
  • Good for Busy Owners
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  • Intelligence
* The more green the stronger the trait.

Below are details and specs for the Arubian Cunucu Dog breed.

Arubian Cunucu Dog Breed Description

The Arubian Cunucu is not a recognized breed by the major kennel clubs and some even believe they are not a breed but, rather, a mutt type developed through the natural breeding of wild dogs. Since there is no breeding program, these dogs vary greatly in size and appearance, although we can generalize they are of medium size.

Tourists in Aruba that run into the Cunucu attest to their friendliness so we can assume this breed is not only friendly towards strangers and children but also intelligently adept at begging. They are known to run in packs and, therefore, get along with other dogs but due to their largely undomesticated heritage, may need to be socialized with small non-canine pets from a young age.

Not much information exists on the grooming of these dogs. The coat is short and likely requires little care other than brushing every once and awhile to remove dead hair. They are outdoor inhabitants of their native Aruba (island with tropical climate) and will likely not thrive in anywhere cold. Arubian Cunucus will need daily outdoor exercise.

The general theory is that members of this breed descended from the Portuguese Podengo or the Iberian Hound brought over by slave traders during the 1500s. Notably, Laika (the dog aboard Sputnik) is a Cunucu.

Arubian Cunucu Breed Recognition

The following dog breed registries and organizations recognize the Arubian Cunucu as a dog breed:

  • Dog Registry of America Inc.