Afaird Dog Breed


The Afaird is a hybrid dog bred by crossing the Afghan Hound and the Briard. Owners should familiarize themselves with both parent breeds before adopting an Afaird. Some puppies will get more Afghan Hound traits, while others will get more Briard characteristics.

Afaird Breed Details

Breed Specs
Hybrid10-14 yrs.23-27 in.55-88 lbs
  • Friendliness
  • Overall
  • Family Friendly
  • Kid Friendly
  • Pet Friendly
  • Stranger Friendly
  • Maintenance
  • Easy to Groom
  • Energy Level
  • Exercise Needs
  • General Health
  • Shedding Amount
  • Behavior
  • Barks / Howls
  • Easy to Train
  • Guard Dog
  • Playfulness
  • Watch Dog
  • Ownership
  • Apartment Friendly
  • Can Be Alone
  • Good for Busy Owners
  • Good for Novice Owners
  • Intelligence
* The more green the stronger the trait.

Below are the details and specs for the Afaird dog breed.

Afaird Breed Description

Your Afaird will be a large size dog. Both parent breeds stand around 23-27 inches at the shoulder and often weigh anywhere from 55-88 pounds. Females will trend towards the lower end of these numbers while males will reach the higher amounts for both height and weight.

The Afghan Hound is described as an independent and aloof dog, counterintuitively, they are also known for being silly and playful. Both parents are immensely loyal and very spirited, so it is safe to assume your Afaird will be too. They will likely make protective playmates for kids, however, due to their large size, young children should be supervised to prevent any accidents. Afairds are generally good with other pets if socialized as a puppy but are likely to retain some prey instincts to chase small animals. These dogs are above average in regards to loyalty and will likely make good watchdogs.

Members of this breed will likely have at least moderate amounts of energy to be burned off each day and are known for being lively and even goofy. Your pet will likely need firm, consistent training and frequent refreshment; both parent breeds are notoriously challenging to train due to their independent minds. Afairds will very likely be high maintenance in regards to grooming; both parent breeds have long hair that is often professionally groomed and a minimum require daily brushing and frequent bathing. These dogs need at least a moderate amount of attention.

Both parent breeds are AKC recognized; the Briard in 1928 and the Afghan Hound in 1926. Afairds may retain the tendency to herd kids and other animals due to the lengthy herding history of one of the parent breeds. They will likely live between 10-14 years and although, theoretically, hybrids are healthier than their purebred parents, owners should familiarize themselves with the (many) possible health conditions of Afghan Hounds and Briards.

Afaird Health

Mixed breed puppies are usually much healthier than either parent breed due to greater genetic diversity. This means that, although certain diseases and disorders may be present in Afghan Hounds or Briards, your Afaird has a lesser likelihood of experiencing any of these issues. Keeping up with your regular veterinary appointments and being hands-on and attentive with your pet are the best ways to detect problems early. We have outlined the most common issues for both parent breeds for your reference, it may be especially helpful to do additional reading on ailments that both parent breeds have in common.

The most common health issues for Briards are:

  • Joint disorders such as hip dysplasia
  • Eye Issues such as cataracts, night blindness, retinal folds and others
  • Endocrine disorders of the pancreas and thyroid
  • Bladder and kidney disease
  • Megaesophagus (decreased motility in the esophagus)
  • Cancer
    The most common health issues for Afghan Hounds are:
  • Bloat
  • Joint Problems
  • Dental Issues
  • Eye Disease
  • Sensitivity to anesthesia
  • Pancreatic and thyroid disorders
  • Leukodystrophy (muscle weakness)
  • Chylothorax (imflammation of lungs and lowered immune system)
  • Hip Dysplasia

Afaird Breed Recognition

The following dog breed registries and organizations recognize the Afaird as a dog breed:

  • Designer Breed Registry
  • Dog Registry of America Inc.