Pomapoo Dog Breed

Brown Pomapoo Puppy
  • Other names:
  • Pooranian
  • Pom-A-Poo
  • Poopom

Pomapoos, also known as Pompoos or Pooranians, are hybrid dogs that result when a Poodle is crossed with a Pomeranian. They are sweet, affectionate lapdogs with immense loyalty and devotion to their owners. Members of this breed are prone to separation anxiety if the attention they give to their owners is not returned. Pomapoos are intelligent and eager to please, making them easily trainable. They are friendly with children and other pets, but they may bark at approaching strangers. They are moderate maintenance dogs whose coats need daily attention, however, in regards to exercise, they require little effort. Overall, the Pomapoo is healthy and can live anywhere from 12 to 16 years.

Pomapoo Breed Details

Breed Specs
Hybrid12-16 yrs.8-10 in.5-15 lbs
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The Pomapoo, as a hybrid of the Pomeranian and the Poodle, will display variable characteristics and it is unpredictable which trait they will inherit from which parent. Overall, they are fairly low maintenance lapdogs and loyal, devoted companions.


  • Pomapoos are perfectly sized for small homes, apartments and condos; they don't require a yard.
  • They are intelligent and fairly easy to train, even for first time owners.
  • Their hypoallergenic coats rarely shed.
  • Properly trained, they make good family dogs and are friendly towards other pets.
  • Pomapoos bark at the approach of strangers..which may be a pro or con depending upon your tendency to have visitors


  • These dogs need a ton of attention and are not correct choices for owners that are gone all day.
  • Their coats need daily brushing and they typically need monthly baths.
  • Pomapoos are not the best choice for those seeking an exercise partner.
  • Members of this breed tend to bark at strangers and may remain skeptical of them for some time.

Pomapoo Breed Description

The Pomapoo information in this article should be supplemented by reading up on both parent breeds. This breed will get an unpredictable mixture of characteristics from both parents, however, the Pomeranian x Poodle cross will certainly provide a lapdog and loyal companion.

Members of this breed are quite intelligent and this, coupled with the loyal devotion to pleasing their owner, allows them to be easily trained. It is easier to do so than for many toy breeds and they need fewer repetitions to learn commands.

Pomapoos are loyal, alert and energetic. They will bark at the approach of strangers, although if well trained they are usually skeptical at worst and friendly at best. These dogs are gentle yet playful with kids and friendly towards other pets. Notably, they desire as much attention as you will give them.

These dogs are have moderate energy requirements but, due to their size, this is not overly taxing on the owner. A short walk or some playtime, indoors or out, will be sufficient to satisfy them. Pomapoos are happily active indoors and enjoy having toys to play with.

Pomapoo Coloring

A Pomeranian Poodle mix will produce a variety of colors, even within a single litter! Pomapoo puppies may inherit their coloration from either parent. They can be solid or multicolored and their coats often include shades of the following:

  • Black
  • White
  • Brown
  • Chocolate
  • Fawn
  • Apricot
  • Orange
  • Golden
  • Beige
  • Brindle

Pomapoo Size

A fully grown Pomapoo will still be a small sized dog. Although, technically, any Poodle can be mated as a parent for this breed it is the Toy Poodle that is most often used. This produces a dog that will be around 8-10 inches at the shoulder and weigh 5-15 pounds. Hybrid dogs often vary in size much more than their purebred parents and it is not uncommon to see a Pomapoo sized as tall as 12 inches or weighing as little as 3 pounds.

Average Adult Height

8-10 in
*Height is measured in inches from the front paws to the top of the shoulder while the dog is standing on all four legs.

Average Adult Weight

5-15 lbs

Pomapoo Temperament

A Pomapoos temperament is best described as companionable. They are sweet and affectionate, gentle yet playful with children and friendly with other pets. Children should be taught how to appropriately handle and play with a small pet as rough handling can hurt your Pomapoo. They will accept as much attention as you will give them and, in fact, they require it. These dogs are prone to separation anxiety if left alone all day.

Members of this breed make acceptable alert/watch dogs due to their intelligent and energetic nature. They tend to bark at the approach of strangers and are sometimes even weary of people after they are acquainted. Proper training and socialization can reduce these behaviors.

Pomapoos are intelligent and eager to please their owner, to whom they are devoted. They are easier to train than some other toy breeds and are suitable for a first time owner. Pomeranian Poodle puppies should be especially trained to be able to spend time alone, to know their place, and to not be spoiled so they do not develop "small dog syndrome". They do not need much repetition when learning commands and they respond well to affection and treats.

Pomapoo Photos

Below are pictures and images of the Pomapoo dog breed.

Golden Pomapoo
Beige Pomapoo
Brown Pomapoo Puppy

Living Requirements

Pomeranian Poodle crosses are companion dogs that will take as much attention as you will give them. They may behave like a spoiled child if they do not feel they are getting enough and, therefore, may be aggressive and possessive. Members of this breed should have interaction with their owners and families the majority of the day and may develop separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time. Pomapoos may bark to alert the owner to the presence of a stranger or visitor but a well trained one will usually be friendly; at worst they may be skeptical of the person.

Due to its small size and only moderate exercise needs, Pomapoos are suitable for small dwellings such as apartments, condos and small homes. They enjoy toys and will be active indoors so a yard is not necessary. They should be leashed and taken on short walks daily.

Pomapoos are considered hypoallergenic dogs. There is no guarantee any dog, even a hypoallergenic one, will not cause an allergic reaction. However, they are known to produce very little shed or dander.

Pomapoo Health

Typically, hybrid dogs are healthier than their purebred parents, especially first generation crosses. It is recommended owners considering adopting a hybrid familiarize themselves with all possible health issues of both parent breeds (in this case, the Poodle and the Pomeranian).

First and foremost, toy sized dogs are more delicate than standard sized canines. Rough play or drops may hurt them and they are prone to patellar luxation. It is important to teach children how to appropriately handle a small pet before they are ever left unsupervised.
Poodle Pomeranian mixes are generally healthy. Tooth and eye problems (such as discharge and cataracts) are the most common occurrences so check the teeth and eyes regularly for signs that cleaning, or even a vet visit, is needed. Although not as common, epilepsy, tracheal collapse, Patent Ductus Arteriosus (heart defect) are also possibilities.

Choosing a reputable breeder that offers a health guarantee, along with routine trips to your veterinarian should help to prevent and detect some issues. Pomapoos have a lifespan of 12-16 years.

  • Cataracts
  • Epilepsy
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Legg-perthes Disease
  • Patellar Luxation
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Pomapoo Breed Recognition

The following dog breed registries and organizations recognize the Pomapoo as a dog breed:

  • American Canine Hybrid Club
  • Designer Breed Registry
  • Designer Dogs Kennel Club
  • Dog Registry of America Inc.
  • International Designer Canine Registry